Game LEGO Cube (Official Tencent)

Game LEGO Cube (Official Tencent)
Publisher Tencent
Genre Action
Size 613MB
Latest Version 0.2.15
Update September 14, 2019 (1 year ago)

Everyone must have had a time of passion for plastic toys bought from shopping centers. In fact, when you are children, they can be an endless passion, the whole world. They have many different types to choose from, but perhaps Lego is one of the most favorite plastic toys to date. Its factories still really offer quality products and are supported by many children. Besides realistic reality games, video games also use lots of Lego data to attract players. Lego Cube is an entirely new product of Tencent just released this August, and has quickly made a big sound. Hundreds of reviews above Taptap – China’s most significant game release channel, complimented the product even though it was just released. There is not also a single comment about its perfection in both air conditioning and gameplay. However, Tencent still perfected himself by constantly launching three patches to quickly fill the minimal errors that the player has not even discovered.

Infinite World, Infinite Creation

Lego Cube will indeed be a place for you to immerse yourself in the beautiful LEGO digital game world. Here players can do everything they like with all the latest creative tools that Tencent gives. You can decide everything in your world, to build something, to destroy something, can be done. “Lego®Cube” really has the potential to dominate Minecraft, becoming the best-class survival game at the moment. Standard blocks, now refreshed with the look of Lego blocks. A perfect combination.

Talking a little bit about graphics, besides using Lego blocks as their avatar, “Lego®Cube” really gives you a perfect world. It is not a copy version of Minecraft with superficial Lego blocks embedded in it to entice players through their fame. The world in the game is oriented to become a modern and sophisticated world. You may start with an empty land with nothing at all. However, after a hard time exploiting resources and building the exam, you can witness the wonders of the world at your fingertips. Tall skyscrapers, pyramids, or even giant stadiums for football, … Everything can be done in the game.

Infinite Exploration, Infinite Possibilities

The image quality of the game is divided into four different levels: Low, Medium, High, and Ultra High. When you adjust the value to a low level, it will get everything only and thoroughly. It means that you can see all the elements in it, but it will not be as sharp as what you expect from Tencent. With Ultra High, players will really know how this publisher uses Unreal Engine 4 in their products. Quality [8:44], will make you see a lot of subtle changes in the transition between light and shade. The transition between day and night is slowly but extremely beautiful. The effect of time goes by, the weather and everything changes in movement steps, … What makes you admire admiration.

When entering the game, you will see that everything is perfectly arranged, just like the real world. If you really are a baby, the game will accurately describe the world in which human beings exist. That means you will have to spend a lot of time learning how to operate things normally. Then learn about how to exploit resources and assemble utensils. For some, the gameplay is probably quite similar to Minecraft, “Lego®Cube” has a bit of its own complexity. Tencent will let you find out for yourself and operate in the new player tutorial mode; it can even last more than 30 minutes.

This thorough preparation is definitely an essential step for you to be able to more quickly in the course of the later game. During that time, try to learn how to make many different tools with simple materials that you have available. With your open world, everything you can witness in the game is endless. But it’s not that simple a construction simulation game where you have to take part in battles with enemies too. Therefore, building a base is safe for me, and creating advanced weapons is necessary. Your adventures also have kings and dangerous things waiting to come. In general, equip yourself with the best state, like the way you provide yourself to face real life.

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