Game Lemon Box Simulator

Game Lemon Box Simulator
Publisher Lemon Squad
Genre Simulation
Size 55M
Latest Version 4.4.0
MOD Info Free Rewards
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Update March 3, 2021 (2 weeks ago)

Brawl Stars is a real-time fighting game for those who love high-paced action with their friends. That game has engaging and fascinating gameplay, but it has a mechanism that makes players passionate about it. Its box opening mechanism, with random rewards that help them have a better experience with the game. And this article will refer to the Lemon Box Simulator application for Brawl Stars, which simulates all the Lemon Boxes in the game for players to relax. The app is completely separate from the original game, and players cannot transfer all the items from the Lemon Box to the original game.

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Lemon Box Simulator’s mechanism is simple: to re-emulate all available boxes in the original game so that players discover the best ability to get the favorite rewards. Brawl Stars’ rewards system is vibrant, and players can only get them through boxes. They are also categorized into many different ranks. The higher the box’s rarity, the greater the player’s reward and generosity to have a better experience with the game. All the boxes in this emulator have the same reward rate as the original game, but getting them will be different from the original game.

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If the player wants to open the box, they need to have money and do quests to be eligible and receive new boxes. The level of the box classifies the player’s rewards, and all rewards will be stored in their inventory. The app will introduce event mechanics and mini-games, simple activities that give players a chance to receive high-level boxes. In the original game, most characters, costumes, and items can only be obtained by opening the box. The same thing in the Lemon Box Simulator, where the player has to constantly open the box in search of greater opportunities to expand the collection.

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Almost all brawlers of Brawl Stars appear in the box, and there’s even a low chance of getting them bundled with special outfits. The same mechanism applies in the Lemon Box Simulator, where players can create a brawler collection with valuable rewards. The impressive thing is that players can also exchange collections with other players or sell unnecessary items to get more boxes. The fans of Brawl Stars in Lemon Box Simulator have always wanted to collect all the brawlers and their legendary outfits. The brawlers and the game’s iconic items, everything that’s treasured in the original game, is treasured in the Lemon Box Simulator.

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Lemon Box Simulator simulates the original game’s box opening mechanism, but it also comes with simple mini-games to relax players while collecting legendary boxes. Mini-games are varied, and each of them will also be randomly generated to make the player more flexible. What’s even more interesting is that all mini-games are related to Brawl Stars, creating a familiar feeling to all players of the Lemon Box Simulator.

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Lemon Box Simulator is just a fan-made app, and it has nothing to do with its original game. Therefore, all items in this game cannot be transferred to Brawl Stars. However, it can help players grasp the box’s mechanism and get rare rewards every time they open premium boxes.


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