Game Linn: Path of Orchards

Game Linn: Path of Orchards
Publisher Crescent Moon Games
Genre Logic
Size 70MB
Latest Version 5
MOD Info All Unlocked
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Update April 14, 2019 (2 years ago)

The platformer game has so far been positioned in the gaming market thanks to its quality products and smooth gameplay. For example, Nintendo’s Mario brought a standard platformer world to old-fashioned games. Although today, there are still many games making content on that platform but there have been strong improvements. Linn: Path of Orchards contains a huge change with deep content, gameplay is smooth to play but contains a complex operation, top-notch graphics. Players who experience this game will surely admire the creativity of Crescent Moon Games.

A modern puzzle platformer

In terms of how characters and environments work, they have close links and interactions. These two factors affect each other and create a standard platformer mechanism. But the pace of a game is pushed very high along with the new aspects and angles in the gameplay are thoroughly exploited. Parallel to that, the manufacturer also added puzzle elements that make the game more complicated than before. Each time you perform a move, a swipe or jump will cause the player to think a lot in an instant.

Set in a fantastic and mysterious ancient world

A leap of faith is something you will often do in this game because players will have to jump and move continuously between obstacles to find the exit. Aban, an exotic guardian of nature, is tasked with protecting the Earth’s mother from human invasion and keeping the balance of everything. This time, she will have to pass a lost sky temple to complete her mission. The ancient tree of light is in danger, and if it no longer exists, this world will be in danger. This divine mission needs a volunteer, accepting a critical input, sacrificing time, effort and private life. They will have to rejuvenate the power of the world.

About the operation mechanism, Linn: Path of Orchards will be a platformer game combined with the puzzle. It means that players will participate in a pre-arranged game screen with lots of challenges exploited on multiple sides. If a game has the same gameplay, then only the challenges are set according to the vertical (or horizontal) win, and they are almost fixed. But in this game, the obstacles will be arranged randomly, in all directions and they are moving continuously.

Completing each level needs both timely reactions and logical thinking

Therefore, players will encounter some difficulties when just entering the game and getting used to it. Besides, the puzzle element will show up in an extraordinary way, through teleportal. The player must determine his or her movement direction so that he can pass through those portals and reach the exit port of the game screen. Do not lose focus because if you fall into the pool, you will surely die. The way to move is also easy because players only need to place their finger on the screen and swipe in the direction they want to control.

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