Game MEOW: Mystic Emissary Of Wonder

Game MEOW: Mystic Emissary Of Wonder
Publisher Taiwan Studio
Genre RPG
Size 1GB
Latest Version Coming soon
OS Android Games

There are now a lot of developers getting ideas from anime characters to develop their own strategy games. They all catch up with the trend and needs of gamers. Game developers want to make more money from games like that. That’s why MEOW: Mystic Emissary Of Wonder debuted recently. The game features new features worth noting.


MarsCat is a recently emerging studio in Taiwan. This publisher was founded in 2017 by the great men of the industry.
Recently, MarsCat has officially launched its first mobile role-playing game. As some sources say, the game was previously called Project Camelot. This is a lightweight game for cat lovers. The cats are really cute, cute and docile.

The game provides players with a variety of character cards to choose from. With some special cards, players will have to wait for updates or be able to cash in to acquire it.

MEOW: Mystic Emissary Of Wonder has unique control functions. Players will be able to control their character on duty. Players can add other players to their team when they get used to the occasional encounter in the town of MEOW. When players get to know more friends and add to their team, they will become stronger. This makes the player feel good about the benefits even when the player is offline.

Games often have many traps set out for evil purposes. They can be activated, and the walls destroyed … all the challenges that are added during the game to increase the difficulty of fighting experience.


MEOW: Mystic Emissary Of Wonder owns advanced 3D graphics with scenes in the game are carefully scrutinized. Stunning character and easy to use interface. Sound with cute background music makes the player feel good.


MEOW: Mystic Emissary Of Wonder is a lightweight game that attracts gamers every time they work hard. The publisher of MarsCat is always eager to listen to the feedback from users to provide new updates to bring a complete title to the global gaming market. If you love it, install it and experience the stressful break with millions of people around the world.

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