Game My Home – Design Dreams

Game My Home – Design Dreams
Publisher Zentertain
Genre Logic
Size 145M
Latest Version 1.0.358
MOD Info Unlimited Money/Lives
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Update February 23, 2021 (3 weeks ago)

Houses, mansions are art in the human eye and also are places for the architects, interior designers, and artists to express their skills by designing interior and exterior. Furthermore, there have been countless games that have applied that house designing to developing into gameplay to entertain players. Few realize that the design of houses can bring endless fun and even give players countless new ideas in their home design. One of the house design games is My Home – Design Dreams, with engaging gameplay, vivid 3D graphics, and lots of data for users to freely design different houses. Not only that, but the game is also an endless source of ideas for players to apply many things to their homes, such as colors, interior designs, and many other things.

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My Home is a home decoration simulation game, including interior and exterior, so it will have a heartfelt storyline to guide players to get acquainted with all functions and gameplay mechanics. In this game, the player will become a home designer for family apartments. The company they join will be comprised of other members who have similar jobs to the player, and the player can build relationships with them for a better experience with the game. However, the core of gameplay is to allow players to design a myriad of different homes with their preferences, thereby generating income, buying new furniture models, and unlocking advanced features. Players also have to confront other players around the world about their creativity by participating in daily challenges from the game.

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My Home has a gameplay for artisans who like to design houses so that it will have a simple and player-friendly mechanism as much as possible. The player’s challenge will be to decorate the houses for families, and each challenge will have many small levels, which are all the rooms in the house. Clients can make simple requirements for the house, and the player must adhere to that required to design the house to achieve the highest score. In each room, there will be bubbles scattered everywhere; they represent furniture for the user to decorate. However, some bubbles are considered optional, and the user may or may not need to decorate those points. Each bubble will give the user many choices of styles and three options for colors for each. Just like that, users only need to decorate the house with characteristic colors and make customers as satisfied as possible.

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If players get bored with the story mode, then they can experience the daily challenges of the game. Those challenges have gameplay similar to a normal decoration job, but players have to design houses with their style. From there, submit their design to the game; after 24 hours, the game will announce the designers with the highest score for each challenge. What’s even more interesting is that real players evaluate the results of the daily challenges of other players.

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The number of furniture in this game is endless, even with models from famous manufacturers. Players will have access to a giant furniture store, with hundreds of different categories for them to choose from. However, players need to have enough money to unlock any designs, and then choose colors to add to their collection. With that furniture collection, players will have more options in designing new homes. What’s even more interesting is that players can also access the store while performing the challenge to make the house more impressive and outstanding. Each week, the game will continuously update more new designs; even users can follow any manufacturer to receive notifications about new designs.

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The player’s company also compose of many other members, and players can interact with them to progress the storyline. Each character has a unique trait, such as personality, style, and preferences, and even a distinct interior design. Players can build a romantic relationship with anyone they love, thereby building up many exciting stories in the office.

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My Home is a home design game for people who intend to own a house or have a hobby of home decoration. Because of that, the game applies realistic 3D graphics, bringing a sense of realism to the whole house. The game also focuses on building sub-characters of the game, bringing many special cases for players to have different emotions. If you want to enjoy romantic stories in the office, or want to entertain by interior design, come to “My Home” and start the first steps in your career.


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