Game Nindash: Skull Valley APK – Play as a Japanese Ninja

Game Nindash: Skull Valley APK – Play as a Japanese Ninja
Genre Arcade
Size 96M
Latest Version 1.80.1
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Update July 14, 2018 (3 years ago)

You love games that have fun but also want it to be agile and risky. The game related to ninja makes you feel very interesting because you like the quick battle and the superior ability of the warriors. Come to Nindash: Skull Valley to enjoy the game.

You probably do not know, the publisher of Nindash: Skull Valley is Ankama. This is a game publisher for all platforms coming from France. In the summer of 2017, they launched a game of entertainment that made the world go crazy – Drag’n’Boom. Their new game – Nindash: Skull Valley promises to keep the most characteristic they have ever done with Drag’n’Hoom.

It is a strategy game

So in any battle, you must also apply the tactics available or attack or against the enemy. The enemy troops of your ninja character are countless human skeletons; they are always trying to attack and destroy the ninja. Join the game; you will experience a real fight and unique gameplay in Nindash: Skull Valley. It’s not just about fighting the mobile skeleton, you have to give your ninja characters a unique way of fighting, so they can not guess or block the character’s moves. Taking advantage of the special ways to move of the game when controlling the character is also a way to contribute to the destruction of them.

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Nindash: Skull Valley has many other ninja characters that, when passing certain levels you can use. You will experience a lot of obstacles, the increasing attack of the skeletons, the higher levels they will become cruel and even fool you into their trap. Be careful if you don’t want to be killed. Launch the special fighting abilities that each ninja character can obtain after fierce battles. Because the development of the enemy is non-stop our character is also upgraded weapons and fighting skills more modern.

The higher the level, the more likely you will have to fight one more skeletal army. However, this brings new challenges for characters when fighting with the skeleton which is more sophisticated and challenging to destroy. Their combat ability is very high and hard to kill. You have to know how to make the most of your weapons, in the worst case, when you run out of weapons you have to get over this problem.

Graphic design and features

Perform beautiful sword display with the extraordinary fighting ability of a real ninja. Earn the highest scores among other ninja friends around the world. Moving characters with simple controls, the smooth screen makes character guidance easier. Available in either online or offline mode, join over 90 levels of low to high levels of ninja and skeletal troops. Attack and destroy the bosses of the skeletons. Confirms the combat ability of the character. There are over 30 different ninja warriors with many new skills awaiting you to explore and use them to climb to the top of the list of the most talented ninja of the game. Connect with characters and join the frantic battles.

Sum up

Become a real ninja warrior to destroy the skeletons in over 90 levels in Nindash: Skull Valley APK, the standards have a certain degree of distinctiveness, and unique will surprise you and think thoroughly before taking the steps for his character. Break the moving bones, destroy them all with the darts, the sharpest sword.


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