Game Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm

Game Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm
Publisher FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG
Genre RPG
Size 3.1GB
Latest Version Coming soon
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Update September 9, 2019 (2 years ago)

If anyone has ever been a player or fan of the RPG game, then surely must have once heard the game Oceanhorn cult and extremely popular in the mobile gaming community. Precisely at the time of launch, not many game companies really cared for it and invested in content and gameplay like Oceanhorn. But this game is now considered the old man of the past, giving way to the introduction of the next game – Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm. With this release, Oceanhorn 2 is really causing a global craze in the field of mobile games and is known by the gamers as the ruler following the resounding success of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Recently, the game was released by the game company Cornfox, the first trailer that works completely independently on the phone platform, especially the iOS operating system. In this trailer, the game was really confusing for players because of the beautiful 3D graphics and newer, better quality content, but still keeps the continuity with the first Oceanhorn version.

The Plot

Continuing with the first part, Oceanhorn 2 is set in the return of the Dark Army led by Mesmeroth, the world where Hero has resurrected once again that alarming danger by brutal conquests. Not letting this happen, Archimedes (the leader of Arcadia) assigns you an essential task of “returning the Sacred Symbol to its inherent owner,” while simultaneously unifying the nations Decay in Gaia. This time you will have the opportunity to adventure in a larger, more dangerous world of the Arcadia world through different countries such as the lush Pirta country, the dense Owrus country, the Submeria underground country or the throne of Gillfolk’s underwater race home. Also in this part 2, we will still play the knight “Hero” – an orphan from both parents and homeland, from an early age, he was raised by legendary warriors in the fight. Direfolk – “Master Mayfair.” From here on he was taught to be an experienced knight with swords, and indeed with his talent, there wasn’t any monster around the forest near Arne village that could scare the boy. Besides, in the sequel, Hero is also very versatile when he is not only proficient in swords and shields, but he is also a gunner with muskets in his hand. With hard work in practicing marksmanship, Hero also expected that one day he could control a Caster Gun in his hand (a magic weapon that exploits magical power).


In addition, Oceanhorn 2 also has the appearance of two new characters accompanying the Hero Trin – a kind but somewhat stubborn girl. She is the granddaughter of the leader of Archimedes and also the wife of Calliope, Trin possesses the talent of a pilot when controlling the Yellow Bird – an Acadia flying ship that fought and won many victories from different battles. The outstanding feature of Trin is the Daggerang weapon with three blades shaped like a blade, an active threat to deal with all types of enemies near and far. For Hero, Trin is a trump card that can destroy flying enemies as well as a talisman to save the victim from enemies from a distance. And the other one is Hero’s close friend when he was raised by Master Mayfair – “Gen.” He is actually a mysterious machine carrying the spirit of magic; Gen and his old swordsman have experienced fierce battles in the past. Different from the quietness of the two teachers and students, this “walking machine” carried within the soul of a humorous man. Even in a tense battle, he can still make jokes about the match situation. Contrary to that humor, Gen carried an ancient heavy sword, Eki – a powerful weapon that could be said to be suitable for his immortal fighting style. “The battle against Mesmeroth can be won by force, but Gaia cannot exist without a hero, this is a deadly quote of Oceanhorn 2, and you guess who Gaia needs to be a hero? The simple answer is you!


In this post, Oceanhorn 2 brings in itself different gameplay that is clearly different from the game released in 2013. Instead of following the tactical game from a top-down perspective Like the prequel, the game evolved to a significant step by allowing the player to enter the view of the protagonist, i.e., every gesture, every movement in walking and fighting is depicted clearly as if the player was a true Hero. As we saw in the trailer, the game has a beautiful and scientific dashboard. The menu button is designed on the bottom of the screen, next to it is an attack button and two buttons to summon two companions with Hero to help players solve puzzles or fight the enemy. On the right edge of the screen is a button to change the function of the Caster gun combined with the scroll button located at the bottom. It can be said that this is the most appropriate design on the phone to bring good experience in the way of fighting while still not taking up too much space on the screen. Not only that, but the game also has more diverse weapons such as Caster guns. With the magic weapon in hand, you can fire many types of magic warheads with many different applications. Bringing in the foundations of the classic strategy game, through puzzle tasks, gamers can use Caster guns to overcome obstacles, neutralize, or damage enemies in countless ways. In addition, the “Symbols” that you collect through the game’s storyline have its own practical use; you can use Symbols with different purposes to overcome complex puzzles.


Honestly, the graphics in Oceanhorn 2 are the most prominent feature in the world. At the moment the trailer of the game was released, the gaming community was a hat when the mobile game had the same great graphics as a game for PC/Console. Just 3 minutes to watch the trailer, we can see the scene in the game has a realistic style similar to Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Everything from characters, trees, houses to terrain structure is taken care of “Cornfox & Bros.” game company “kind” by “Unreal Engine” technology. No more small details, no more narrow, restrictive roads, everything has become bigger, more detailed, and much more vivid. Indeed, with this free and generous space, gamers will be satisfied when experiencing the style of play similar to the game “Zelda,” but it has it’s own attractive and attractive. With the promise of bringing a real hit game, “Oceanhorn 2” is still in the process of perfecting both quality and content. But with the success of its predecessor, this is still a game worth our efforts to wait.

The game will be available on Apple Arcade in September 2019, expected to be available on Android in early 2020. We will update the download link as soon as the game becomes available.


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