Game PetrolHead

Game PetrolHead
Publisher Lethe Studios
Genre Racing
Size 510M
Latest Version 2.4.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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OS Android Games

Racing games have been around for a long time in the gaming industry, appearing on a variety of platforms, such as PCs, consoles, handheld gaming consoles, and even mobile. Compared to other platforms, the mobile platform seems to be inferior and distant, but it still has many famous racing games with realistic graphics and well-developed gameplay. One such game is PetrolHead, a new generation racing game, using advanced 3D graphics, along with many attractive features for players to customize their cars. Besides, the game will add more classic and iconic cars, regardless of era or manufacturer, this game will have everything to satisfy car enthusiasts.


If you have played new generation racing games like Asphalt 9, then you will notice that its controls and features in gameplay are well-developed and full of detail. The same goes for this game, but it becomes more straightforward and accessible to players. The game will introduce a control mechanism mixed between automatic and manual, giving players a completely new control experience. Not only that, but the game will also apply many physics mechanisms, making the environment become real, and players will have a lot of entertainment while enjoying the game. Players will also be introduced to other advanced control mechanisms, such as drift and nitro, and even other professional driving techniques. In most other new generation racing games, players will also have access to a vast car library, and also where players can customize all their favorite cars.


PetrolHead possesses well-developed gameplay, and along with advanced 3D graphics makes the player’s environment more realistic. It also has a variety of racing modes and many other activities for the player. Not only the story mode, where players unlock new features and opponents, but players can also do side quests or participate in weekly event activities. Moreover, players can also practice with AI through custom racing modes, where players testing new cars and earn additional income to be able to cover career and upgrade the vehicle. Each racing mode has its unique feature, but all of them always give players endless fun. Not only that, but players can also participate in the hottest races between real players through online multiplayer.


The racing car will come in many different shapes and performances, as well as origins and many other variations for players to collect and enjoy. “PetrolHead” will introduce a rewards system, where players receive a new vehicle through the progress of the game or achieve a particular achievement while racing. Each car has its characteristics, like the speed, power, and even the number of custom slots that the player can equip. The unique thing is that each car is made up of many different parts, so players must collect each part separately and upgrade them for each car. Not only upgrading the parts, but the player can also customize their appearances, such as changing the color, changing the rim, spoiler, exhaust, and more to make them stand out. Moreover, through the reward system or completing races, players will also have the ability to receive components to upgrade vehicles.


PetrolHead is not built in a mission-based gameplay style, but players will explore a vast and authentic world built by extraordinary 3D graphics. Moreover, the city will also come to life with dense AI traffic, creating new feelings when players are driving around. Of course, the interaction of the environment will also be improved, as well as making the environment destructible for players to entertain with friends. The game’s graphics promise to give players the best experience, such as eye-catching effects, well-design vehicles, and much more so that they have a lot of entertainment with the racing genre.


PetrolHead will introduce an online multiplayer, where players can participate in bustling races with friends or strangers. In the multiplayer mode, there will also be many different racing modes, and the track will be located at various locations in the city. Of course, through online multiplayer, players will have many opportunities to find new rewards, fame, and even new achievements. In the future, the multiplayer mode will also be updated with many new things such as game modes, events, activities, and new maps for players to enjoy with friends.

If you are looking for a new generation racing game with top-notch graphics, well-developed gameplay, and diverse features for the best experience, PetrolHead will be a perfect choice for you.


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