Game Prey Day: Survival

Game Prey Day: Survival
Publisher Pragmatix
Genre Action, Adventure
Size 319MB
Latest Version 1.135.3
MOD Info Immortality/Freezing Bots
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Update December 20, 2020 (3 months ago)

If someday unluckily get lost in the whereabouts of the souls, what will you do to fight them and survive? Maybe that would be a terrifying experience, right? However, if you are a lover of mystery in the afterlife, so join us in Prey Day: Survival to make that dream come true. So what is the game like, learn together through the content below.

Prey Day: Survival - Craft & Zombie (MOD, Immortality/Freezing Bots)


One day a new virus caused death for a series of lives, turning the world into a dead zone. Everywhere ghosts, intruders, and other enemies surround you and they will attack you at any time. They always hold a knife in their hand and they are ready to hand you when you lose alertness. At this point, your challenge is even more difficult because you have to fight along with a series of dead and other hostile forces. Your task is to use all the skills to fight them otherwise you will die. Try to use all the strength of your best friend to prove you are a brave and incompetent person before any enemy.

Prey Day: Survival - Craft & Zombie (MOD, Immortality/Freezing Bots)

Fight with Craft & Zombie with your friends

Combining with friends to battle will increase your chance of survival, especially if you can easily kill the head of the dead army. This is your strongest enemy, so attack it when there is a chance. You can say this is the most effective technique that you can take advantage of when you want to survive in this scary world. Finding companions and forming large clans will help strengthen and strengthen your power against enemies. Fighting together will bring you new resources as well as ensure your safety in all circumstances.

Because enemies can attack you at any time, so be careful in choosing battle positions as well as researching new formulas, creating traps when killing to protect those who want to. Fight with you.

Prey Day: Survival - Craft & Zombie (MOD, Immortality/Freezing Bots)

Explore new lands

Besides fighting with enemies, you should also explore new areas to find valuable resources as well, as they are precious and are the main resource for you to survive. You can explore in hospitals, supermarkets, military bases or in cities where there are survivors. You can use force to get those things.

Like Last Day On Earth: Survival, the game has a simple 2D graphics. However, right after the opening of Prey Day: Survival, players will be immersed in the real dark world. Where people can be in danger and die at any time. In general, players will experience a real sense of survival.

Prey Day: Survival - Craft & Zombie (MOD, Immortality/Freezing Bots)

Sum up

If you love to explore the mystery, adventure, then Prey Day: Survival is an impossible choice. The interface design eye-catching, clear sound. In particular, the harmonious combination of sound and action of the character will certainly give you a lot of new, unique feeling. If you have never experienced before, so quickly visit the address below to discover the mystery as well as enjoy the feeling without the opportunity to experience in the offline.

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