Game pubg mobile kr

Genre Survival
Size 1.8GB
Latest Version 1.3.0
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OS Games Android

PUBG started the Battle Royale game genre, so almost every publisher original product was picked up by many players. You probably already know, PUBG is basically a Bluehole product, so it has a lot of incentives in the Korean market. Later, although it had resold the brand to Tencent for the mobile array, the benefits for the Korean server were still there. In general, if you play games for servers in China and Korea, you will get the fastest updates, sometimes with some interesting edits. This is PUBG Mobile KR, exclusively for Korean servers, all for free. You can freely download and experience the game.

All survivors win the game

General introduction about gameplay and graphics, PUBG Mobile KR, is still nothing too changed compared to the rest of the world. It means that when you play this version, everything is the same as the international version, nothing changes so different that you have to be surprised. So be assured that you experience it. As for graphics, it still uses full 3D graphics with lifelike visual and color designs, allowing players to participate in one of the fiercest battles in the world today. The sound system is also made quite well to help players get the best FPS experience. As for the gameplay, of course, the main game rules remain the same when you have to confront 100 different people and try to Survive to the end.

The attraction of this Korean server is that it is less prone to lag issues. That means if you are an Asian and want to experience the game as smoothly as possible, then go to the Korean server. The question is why the Chinese server is also secure and smooth, but you don’t choose it. Because almost every Chinese game released domestically requires you to have a residential phone number to register your account and get the password, so, PUBG Mobile KR is the best choice for those who want to experience a lighter game, run smoother and have lots of exciting customization. But there is a weakness of the whole Korean server; it will use Korean. If you’ve played this game already, it’s okay; everything is set exactly like the international version.

Zombie – Darkest Night

For those who are good at Korean, it is no problem. However, in countries that have a weak internet network, it is recommended to use a VPN to fake IP. This will allow you to log into Korea’s IP to be able to play the game more directly and forcefully. Your Internet will connect directly to Korea’s IP, allowing players to manipulate everything without encountering any difficulties. In addition to the problem that the game can run smoother, PUBG Mobile KR also allows players to get a lot of gifts. These offers are, of course, more on other servers such as Vietnamese servers (VPNs), for example.

On Korean servers, you can get 4 different, most attractive modes. With 2 different Zombie modes, players will participate in one of the most extreme Survival Wars ever. First, with the ‘Zombie – Twilight Escape’ mode, the player will have to participate in a battle where the zombies are powerful. That means they are not stupid and slow but use breakneck speeds, judging the direction of the player and attacking the most effectively. However, the weakness is that when it is morning, they will have to retreat. Can you survive until morning? Everyone who survives until morning becomes a winner. The second Zombie mode is “Dawn’s curse.” This is an upgrade of the previous zombie mode. In this section, it has two new types of zombies and a gun that is RPG-7. Besides, an event mode allows you to get more rewards when you win; and the private space function players have more time with friends.


  • I am not in Korea, can I play this game? – Yes, however, you may need a Korean IP (try with ExpressVPN)
  • What devices does the game support? – This is the full version so mid-range devices can run unstable, the recommended RAM is 4GB and 3GB internal memory. If your device does not respond, please try the “PUBG Mobile Lite” version.
  • Does the game support emulation? – Of course! You can use any emulator like Nox, Bluestack…


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