Game PUBG Mobile: Marching (TIMI)

Game PUBG Mobile: Marching (TIMI)
Publisher Tencent
Genre Survival
Size 1.7GB
Latest Version
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Update May 6, 2019 (2 years ago)

PUBG Mobile: Marching (TIMI) – In today’s world, just to mention Battle Royale, everyone gets PUBG as a standard. Basically, it is the leader, paving the way for a new gaming empire emerged in the last two years. Players of this genre stretch throughout the world. You can even catch up with groups gathering in the internet shop to play games together. Or there are girls playing this game on their mobile device. This game is so popular that it goes beyond the barriers of language, age, and gender.

At the beginning of the game, it was also the most consistent in the relationship between the PC and mobile versions. One can see that every time the PC version has a new function, they immediately update the new version of the smartphone. Thanks to this, players on all platforms are satisfied with their choice. PUBG Mobile: Marching (TIMI) has just been updated, is a new version of the mobile game market of Tencent. Actually, PUBG on PC is still owned by Blue Hole. But all of its mobile versions have already been sold by Tencent.


I just mention briefly how to play it. Players are still playing in the old map together with the familiar fighting game. Try to collect equipment, weapons to destroy the remaining 99 players and become the last survivor. The rules are the same but the manufacturer is trying his best to give the player the most realistic experience. With Unreal Engine 4 technology, things you are familiar with on PCs like the military base, Yasnaya Polyana, Kar98K, 8x-scope and more are all shown. Thanks to the advancement of technology you only need to play on your tiny smartphone but enjoy the powerful weapons that have been optimized for the platform. This means that in this new version will continue to update the special things that have never before.

New features

In this version of PUBG Mobile: Marching, players will be playing a new map. In this place, single-player exclusive, enter special combat drills. Challenges will continue to make players react quickly to their situation. A new type of transport is also included in the game. Ronnie is one of the most attractive items in this updated version. Off-road combat will become much more attractive. In addition, the manufacturer has optimized many functions of the game. The character’s actions become smoother, and even the weapons work smoother.

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