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The battle royale genre is no longer a game genre that is too unfamiliar to many people, especially those who love shooters. It gives them intense but equally exciting matches when their opponents are numerous and can appear anywhere. One of the typical games for this type of game that we can mention is PUBG which owns a large map. So what do you think when the context of the game is brought further? If you want to know the answer, then you cannot ignore PUBG: NEW STATE.


PUBG: NEW STATE gives you a future battle context in which the government ceases to exist and where many battles took place. Simultaneously, despite being in 2051, players can still see the modernity in many of the game’s environmental elements. The houses have changed their looks along with more impressive cars than the old version. Therefore, this will make players want to experience it.

The game possesses beautiful and impressive graphics with fictional elements that have appeared in this world. Simultaneously, although they are all abandoned, the new environment gives players an impression and love more when the domain has been cared for and added new elements. You can see the drones, effects that only appear in fantasy games. Despite the breakthroughs mentioned above, we cannot help but note an issue that anyone will care about is the game’s open world. It is a world where you can do whatever you love, and it has a large area. So you sometimes have to use cars to move in it quickly. Also, you can also interact with the surrounding elements and pick up the necessary things.


Besides the impressive improvements above, the game still owns the same gameplay as the previous version and is a bold battle royale. Players will participate in a match with 100 players and be taken down in no small terrain map. For the first experience, it isn’t easy to learn to experience the entire terrain above. They will also be oriented to a specific area without going sightseeing, like in an RPG game. One of the features of PUGB that we cannot ignore is Bluezone. After a few minutes of landing on the map, Bluezone starts to appear markers for players to go there, which is a must for all. With a large plan but only 100 people, encounters are more diminutive, and sometimes the match will take a long time. So it makes sense to create an area for anyone to enter.

Depending on the number of players remaining, Bluezone will narrow its scope, and after a while, it will continue to shrink. That will require you to both find the necessary weapons and equipment and keep moving. In the process, you will probably meet other players and try to take them down with your gun. At the same time, after overcoming 99 other players, you will become Lone Survivor and the game-winner.


PUBG: NEW STATE brings you a new environment and new experiences with beautiful cars that you cannot ignore. But the factor that you should still care about is the weapons and equipment that the game brings. Precisely, at the beginning of the game, you will land on new terrain, and you will try to find the necessary items such as the essential blood, armor, helmets, and weapons. Gradually, as you play, you will find more useful things from different environments and defeated opponents.

For a gunfight, there are many ways to take out distant enemies. You can either confront them directly or attack them from a distance. With the game’s vast environment, you can hide in unseen areas or too far away to damage other players. Therefore, this is always a challenging match and requires specific tactics from the player. For weapons, finding the right weapons is completely lucky for the player. Therefore, they will have to experience many different types of new weapons along with other upgraded equipment. These items can be the muzzle or silencer that has been modified for the appearance to make it even more impressive. From there, you will have yourself a weapon with a more accurate shooting function, and don’t forget to pick up bullets for it.


PUBG: NEW STATE gives you beautiful graphics that you will indeed feel impressed with new things appearing. At the same time, players will be able to experience a completely new map with devices from the future that you can take advantage of. Also, do not ignore the weapons with attached equipment to help you survive in this mortal battle.


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