Game RAIDERS Mobile

Game RAIDERS Mobile
Publisher C.O.C
Genre Action
Size 88 MB
Latest Version
Get it On Google Play
Update April 30, 2020 (11 months ago)

RAIDERS Mobile – Tomb thieves are a special profession born. When troops start thinking against the government and need large amounts of money to summon more troops. And their only way is to sabotage the tombs of feudal kings to get the treasure in it. Later it became a rampant day in medieval Asia. They always have their own rules and have been described in detail through the most interesting horror novels.

RAIDERS Mobile is a new game launched by the publisher COC and attracted by many players. You can download the full file from the game’s pro or you can log into Google Play to get the client file and update the game data later. In any way, the game capacity is quite heavy with high graphics. Leave up to 1.5 GB of free space on your phone to keep your game running.


When entering the game, the first step of a basic MMORPG is to design your own character. Actually, this is the most difficult stage for gamers. For example, think of a good name and meaning for example. In this stage, you can choose one of the three character classes that will be available in the game. They all have male and female images for gunners, cyborgs and assassins. They use similarly functional weapons, but there are relatively minor changes to their gender. Players are then allowed to customize the color of the costume along with the color of the weapon that they will carry over a long distance.

Once you have received a mission and embarked on a difficult adventure journey, you must be mentally prepared. The process of finding the dungeon was very difficult. Players will have to gather a team of 3 people, preferably have all the classes of the character that the manufacturer. Players must overcome the cliffs between two cliffs, and then climb up the wall up. In addition to solving the puzzle to open the gate to the crypt. Do not think after opening the casket contains treasure is all done, which also contains an ancient kind of Asian Zombie. They are the real demon.

Sum up

So to fight with these monsters, players will be using a flexible MFi controller with four main skills and an auto attack button. Free to remember, upgrade your skill set thanks to skills tree system nhé. You also have 5 V 5 or 10 V 10 battles to demonstrate your superior character control and combat skills. Finally, if you stole the artifact and left the dungeon safely, bring it to the market to sell and get more money to continue playing the game.


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