Game Rebel Cops

Game Rebel Cops
Publisher HandyGames
Genre Strategy
Size 566M
Latest Version 1.6
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update August 7, 2020 (7 months ago)

The Earth has many different countries, but wherever it is, there are rogue elements that exist to destroy that society. Everywhere there is their appearance, the difference is their proportion in that society. So wherever there are, there are forces used to prevent their destruction and protect its people. It is the police; they are the ones who are willing to sacrifice their own lives to save the people. So the police often get the respect of so many people, so do you want to be a police guard of justice? If so, come to the game Rebel Cops – a game on the theme of the police, download the game to experience what it has. This game is a spin-off part of the strategy game series around the police topic called This is the Police.

You’re not exactly the police, but you’re the only ones on the side of justice

Wherever criminals are, there will be police officers to arrest them and protect the people. The game takes place in Ripton, which is dominated by a notorious criminal boss – Viktor Zuev. He used his force to seize this town and turn it into his lair. The leaders and even the police have surrendered to his power and allowed him the freedom to do everything. In the context that everyone was bribed, a group of policemen didn’t bow their heads but stood up to fight him. This journey will be full of danger, but these policies are still willing to fight to protect the safety of the people.

Strategic gameplay

The previous instalments of the game often focused on giving players an interesting story, but this game relied heavily on gameplay. The main focus of the game is a strategy, so to play the game, players will need to think a lot. Every time it is the player’s turn, the player controls the character by selecting their destination. Once the player has ended your turn, it will be the criminals’ turn to move around, and they will go around to guard. The player will not know which position the enemy will move, so to be sure, the player should find a safe place to hide. When there is a chance to attack them, the player should storm out and knock them unconscious in silence so that they will not be detected.

Sneaky action

In this game, there will be no more dramatic action scenes that players have seen in shooting games, but instead will be sneaky. Players are just a group of people standing up, so the number is minimal, and players will confront a lot of enemies. Players will stand on the disadvantageous side, so players need to sneak to kill the enemy and not make them detectable. Players will approach them from behind to attack and defeat them before they can notify others. When they discover players, they will use weapons to destroy the player, and the player will be defeated before the mission is completed.


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