Game Recontact London: Cyber Puzzle
Publisher Recontact Digital Arts
Genre Puzzle
Size 1.5G
Latest Version 1.0.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update February 26, 2021 (2 weeks ago)

Recontact is a series of puzzle games with many different scenarios for players to enjoy and explore the world around them. Moreover, the series also stands out thanks to the Augmented Reality (AR) mechanism applied to each of its games. It is one of the most advanced mechanisms ever implemented in the video game industry. AR can be defined as a system that fulfills three basic features: a combination of real and virtual worlds, real-time interaction, and accurate 3D registration of virtual and real objects. Besides, the series Recontact has returned with its new game, set in London, under the title Recontact London. In that game, players will explore the famous city of London, as well as become a cyber-detective and explore a world of high technology.



Compared to other puzzle games, Recontact London introduces the never-ending storyline element, as it continually updates new plot pieces, along with more new things for players to enjoy in the game. Furthermore, the stories are all interconnected through simple clues, and players will use AR to solve puzzles and overcome all the challenges in each piece of the story. Every story in this game is built through the AR system, from which all player interactions will greatly affect the storyline, as well as change the direction of each story. Not only stories are constantly being updated, but new characters will begin to appear, with high acting skills coming from real people, giving players an authentic experience through the most advanced AR system.



Recontact London is a puzzle game that uses an AR system to develop the world and gameplay. Because of that, players will be allowed to change the world within it thanks to the advanced AR system, as well as the feeling of everything being depicted truthfully. Also, during the game experience, players will play the role of a cyber-detective and use security cameras, satellites, even those that appear on the advance devices to progress the plot. The exciting thing is that players will see everything in real-time and start building various plans to find out the suspect. The game also allows players to playback all the videos they find to analyze and find the next clue to the crime. Through the AR system, puzzle gameplay will be raised to a new level, even bringing an actual experience, as well as many mixed emotions to players.



The world in this game happens in real-time so that players need to build plans and methods of solving the puzzle quickly. Of course, the game will support players pause feature, allowing players to pause time to find a solution in infinite time. Moreover, everyone in the camera could be the culprit, but players need to find the person by name, as well as build up evidence gathered from the cameras. What’s even more interesting is that the player can also generate different types of signals to the suspects, thereby tracking them via satellite of the world. The game will also introduce a perfect interface for players to have real experience like a cyber-detective. If the player successfully solves a clue, the game progress will unlock many new features, as well as many new things appearing to surprise the player.



All cameras will record all the videos 24/7, and they will be automatically saved in one location. If players cannot progress with the current clues, they can go to the central data and replay all the videos they need. During the video replay, the player can let the system verify the faces of the culprits, thereby tracking their activities through cameras installed throughout the city of London. Through the AR system, the experience of the game will become more authentic, even giving players new things to the puzzle genre.


The city of London in this game is where a series of different cases take place, so the player has to take on the solving job of the case, but through the cameras can observe everything within the range around the scene. The crime scene will be built through a 3D environment, along with real characters that are well programmed to create a lot of authentic experiences for players. While searching the scene, the player will have to take pictures of all the important evidence, as well as clues that can help the player solve the case perfectly.


Recontact London also has a lot more for players to explore in its AR system. Moreover, the game itself will constantly update new stories, along with many difficult cases for players to challenge their detective abilities. What’s even more interesting is that through the AR system, the player’s cyber-detective experience will be elevated to a new level, making “Recontact London” one of the best puzzle games out there.