Game Renegade Racing

Game Renegade Racing
Publisher Not Doppler
Genre Racing
Size 53M
Latest Version 1.0.8
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update October 20, 2020 (5 months ago)

How many exciting racing games do you think you’ve experienced? I will not mention racing games on PC / Console platforms, because most games on these platforms are invested quite well in terms of image quality and content. So, the topic that I want to mention in this article is the racing game on the phone. With the continuous development of smartphones, the games developed for the phone platform are now more interesting and attractive than before. We all know that any race can bring a certain amount of stress, but are you sure you can challenge yourself to get even higher? Because in this article, I will introduce to you a new and really fascinating game – Renegade Racing. Developed by Not Doppler, Renegade Racing is one of the games with unique gameplay, and at the same time, the quality of the graphics platform is also a point I appreciate. Therefore, this game deserves to be a game that gamers who love intense racing games should experience.

Renegade Racing (MOD, Unlimited Money)


To know the appeal of “Renegade Racing”, the first thing we have to mention is the unique gameplay of this game. If you are a long-time gamer, you certainly know the racing games with an attractive 2D style like Hill Climb Racing. The control of the car in this game is similar in style to the game, of course, the game still has many improvements to make a difference for itself. Basically, you will enter the race with many other competitors. If so, everything is still the same as the other games, so the game developer made it more interesting by challenging and challenging obstacles. Yes, I assure you that these obstacles not only hinder you in the process of moving but also have “deadly” challenges. These challenges are often types of traps, and if you don’t know how to overcome them, you’ll be stuck there and left behind. So, the car race in this game is a dramatic competition and true tension. And to complete the race excellently, sometimes, you really have to take a specific risk when overcoming the challenges in this game. Besides, you will need to defeat many other opponents with your strong car. Each opponent will have a unique way to customize their car to gain the highest advantage in this “life and death arena”. Therefore, the fact that you are continually upgrading the power of your vehicle is also something you must definitely do. It can be said that the racing game of this game is not really as simple as the way you look at the game from the beginning. And I am sure that this exciting game will definitely stimulate the excitement of many gamers.

Renegade Racing (MOD, Unlimited Money)


Besides the dramatic and attractive gameplay, Renegade Racing also has many new and exciting features.

A lot of difficult maps bring a real challenge for players

Of course, a fascinating racing game like this will not be without difficult challenges. I have to admit, this game surprised me with the creative challenges that developers have created for different types of terrain. From peaceful Docks to the trap-filled caves of the Ice Caverns, to the fiery Devil’s island, they all have their own unique characteristics and challenges and require players to respond well to the challenges that the game presents. To open more new challenging areas, you must perform many races to accumulate more Exp points. Of course, the developer of this game will also update many new levels so you can satisfy your feeling of conquering challenges.

Many unique vehicles that you can win in this game

No race is lacking supercars, and so either this game. The number of cars that you can unlock in this game is not small. With over ten crazy cars and divided into many categories, including police car, a Not Doppler bus, a tank, a monster truck hearse,… you can upgrade them and turn your vehicle into a monster on a racetrack. And the terrain is your challenge, and to win the race, you need a strong car and excellent skills. Because, after all, if you do not have the skills to overcome challenges, it is impossible to complete the race with excellent results.

Interesting game mode

In this game, the attraction of the race is that you will have to compete with five different opponents, and of course, the opponent will also possess the skills along with the cars’ mediocre clown. Besides, the game has two racing modes that you can experience, that is offline mode and online mode. Although the challenges that the game presents in offline mode do not disappoint players, however, playing directly with other players always brings the excitement evermore.

Renegade Racing (MOD, Unlimited Money)


Image quality is also not the weakness of “Renegade Racing”. From the details of the scene, obstacles, to the color of the game, all are excellently completed. Overall, I can assure you that the image quality of this game is not inferior to any game in the same category.

If you are a gamer who loves intense racing games, “Renegade Racing” is a game that you cannot ignore.


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