Game Returner Zhero (Final Cut)

Game Returner Zhero (Final Cut)
Publisher Fantastic, yes
Genre Casual
Size 1GB
Latest Version 2.0.0
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Update January 2, 2020 (1 year ago)

About five years ago, the market for new games started booming with the number of players increasing dramatically. At that time, the genre of games began to be divided so that players could easily distinguish and choose. So far, RPGs are still one of the most popular genres and are still growing day by day. But the puzzle game genre has come a long way since electronic devices became popular. Therefore, when it was put on the electronic platform, it still achieved success with the number of fans rarely dropped.

A stunning 3D tactile space mystery puzzle game

But the times have changed and the game market has to change to fit the tastes of today’s players. Manufacturers are starting to blurt out the mix of gaming genres and give players an integrated experience. For Returner Zhero, the classic puzzle game is shown in the form of a first-person RPG. The adventures become much more attractive.

Noteworthy for this game, it is a game that was created to continue the success of ‘Returner 77’ and is ready for release on August 30th for those who have already fallen in love. The first part of jealousy is probably a gift for this fall. The end of the year will be the time when blockbuster releases in summer and autumn begin to explode.

An immersive sci-fi environment with spectacular graphics

If you have watched and played the previous part of it, it’s obvious that ‘Returner Zhero’ is like a first-person shooter, but it does not have a bit of violence at all. In this game will describe the adventures of a scientist devoted to his work. He has risked everything so that he can complete his work on aliens. Technologies that humans never knew existed in the dead ends of the Earth. The work of aliens placed here seems to reflect all the laws of physics that humans have found and developed. They have created machines and giant exotic creatures to serve their own purposes.

Players like to get lost in another glamorous world like a Hollywood movie with many rotating 3D graphics. Strange characters design and puzzle solving have never appeared in classic games. The imagery and imagery of the game’s creators will widen your eyes. Explore the never-known aliens on Earth.

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