Game Rush Wars (Official Supercell)

Game Rush Wars (Official Supercell)
Publisher Supercell
Genre Strategy
Size 108M
Latest Version 0.284
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Update December 20, 2020 (3 months ago)

Supercell is one of the most beloved game producers in the world at the moment. If you are a fan of their products, such as Hay Day, Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars, etc., surely watching Supercell is a very familiar address for entertainment after life’s hardships. All of these games are produced and marketed extremely successfully since it is unlike any other product. This publisher’s game always has a unique feature and can create a new trend, a new platform for smaller game production teams to learn. It can be said, it owns a huge fan base worldwide.

Rush Wars is its all-new product that has just been released within the past week. However, this product has quickly received the attention of many players worldwide. In fact, the hobby of making Supercell games is that the products are heavily strategic, so they have created a brand that is completely free and attractive. “Rush Wars” will continue to be a simulation game with tactical gameplay applied to capture other lands. The way the game operates will be different from the products of the same category so you will have to spend a lot of time to learn all the elements that they blend into the game.

Stylish design familiar with unique characters

The game’s design image seems quite simple as it uses a minimized visual design. That means everything will be made smaller and simplify the unnecessary details. However, it still creates more outstanding and recognizable images than many products of the same category. You can see the characters participating in your campaign are properly designed based on their functions in battle. A particularly strange thing in this game is the integrated design between the character and their abilities. Units that you put into the game for your battle will usually not have their own names, but they will be called based on their weapons and effects during the battle. For example, in normal games that remind people, lasers, jetpacks, … We still think about war tools. But this time they were integrated with the being unit to control it. This will have an effect on the gameplay that I will describe behind.

Talking about the image design of the map, it did two things well. It has created two completely different environments so that players can interact and distinguish them easily. First, your base will be neatly designed in the middle of a green area. It presents a cheerful and pleasant factor so you can easily and experience your own fun entertainment hours. There, the buildings will be built as well as scientifically arranged based on separate routes like a true military base. Buildings with different functions will have different upgrades and interactions with players. But the main gameplay is in a different place, where you use your forces to attack and pre-emptive precious resources. Gold is one of the most contested things. The battles will take place directly here, it is the base of a random player found by the system. That also means you will own such a base to let others attack. This continues to involve gameplay, continue to follow the article for more details.

Kick butt all opponents and become the richest

When you join the game, you will play the role of the owner of a large mining area. This is where you will have to try to build one of the most efficient resource extraction sites. It will be like a simulation game, but this is only a minor factor. Its main gameplay will take place somewhere else. The moment you are ready for battle – it means building your own squad with all the units you are confident with as they can invade other places, then start looking for words to attack. The game’s image will show a plane carrying your squad to find an opponent, and the system of the game is currently active. Please wait a bit before you can enter a real battle.

When players actually rush into a battle, they will have to find ways to arrange the units that they bring to the best. Each base will have a grid yard so that players can place their troops up there and prepare for the invasion. Depending on where you place them, your squad will enter the enemy’s base in a variety of ways. In addition, the operation of the army will also rely heavily on the ability and power of the unit you bring into the match. For example, tankers have quite a bit of damage but they move fast and possess a high resistance rating. The types of units that attack will move a bit slower and cause more damage but will also be quickly destroyed if hit. The enemy’s base will be built in different formats depending on how they arrange defensive structures. For projects with a lot of investment, it will be difficult to destroy in many. Each time you join the battle, you can bring a skill that is used actively. It will have very good interactions with your squad, making things a lot easier. Choose spells so you can maximize your purpose.

Discover MEGACITY and AREA 54

There is one factor that you need to care about when you join the game is your Hall. It will be the determining factor for all your attack power and defense. The higher Hall’s level, the more it will allow you to carry more units in a match. Certainly, this will greatly increase your ability to win. In addition to bringing multiple units, you can also be given more powerful spells, the higher the level, the greater the damage and the greater its power. The last aspect to benefit when you upgrade Hall is your own base. Players can also be given better defensive tools, more expensive prices, and guaranteed safety against enemy attacks.

How to download the original on Google Play!
  1. Use a VPN application to connect to Canada, NZ or AU. (Using Psiphon Pro or Hotspot Shield or Touch VPN)
  2. Access Google Play and search “Rush Wars” or click here
  3. Install Game & keep VPN connection to play

MOD Info?


This is a private server. If the screen is black please wait a minute.


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