Game Sea Fortress

Game Sea Fortress
Publisher IGG.COM
Genre Strategy
Size 700MB
Latest Version 1.5.0
MOD Info Damage/Dump Enemy
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OS Android Games

Aliens are always the force that makes people fear because they have different types. science and technical progress that no one can imagine. Besides, he intends to invade the Earth and destroy human beings that are always standing. In many people’s imaginations, alien creatures are aggressive and terrifying. Sea Fortress is a game about the battle between humans and alien species.

Experience the Open Seas in Glorious 3D

In this game, people have fallen, and life has fallen into a state like a hell. Everything is submerged in the sea of ​​water, and it seems that people no longer have the land to use themselves. But their survival instincts are still not lost. People still have to stand up to fight to maintain their race and live in spite of all difficulties. You will play a lucky survivor of that alien invasion. Use all the intelligence, tactical minds, and Kissing plans to survive in this chaotic world. Not only is it a war for life, but Sea Fortress also wants players to go further when taking them to war for power and glory. Conflicts between people, people, and extraterrestrial forces, never stops in the end, who will be the ruler of this vast country.

Sea Fortress is a game of producer IGG. They are famous for many medieval theme products such as Lords Mobile, Castle Clash, Clash of Lords, … They are hot picks since their debut to the present. “Sea Fortress” will surely be a brand new to the quintessence of the men. Currently, the game has not been officially released but only known during the pre-registration period on its Google Play homepage. If you are interested, quickly register to receive new gifts.

Epic War of Fleets

In fact, Sea Fortress is still a tactical MMO. So their constituent elements are easy to guess. Will even control a monumental army and command a lot of different forces to participate in battles. But your forces will not have to fight on land but will be naval battles. It is this change that will give you a new feeling when players will be able to control completely different types of military compared to what they experienced before. She will be chosen among ships such as Carrier, Submarine, Battleship, and Destroyer, … They will create an army by combining different types according to the function of each battle fight. The more diverse and challenging to guess, the more likely your opponent will be afraid of your power.

Everything was submerged into immense water. All the civilizations of humanity, the things they created all disappeared. But the task of finding out the remains of the world is yours. Discovering them is an opportunity for you to overthrow foreign domination. Besides, focus on recruiting heroes who have special abilities, useful in battle. They will be pioneers, paving the way for your victories. Therefore, these characters and your troops need to be upgraded regularly.

MOD Info

  •  x20 DMG BUILD
  •  x20 DMG SHIP
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