Publisher 37games.Japan co. ,Ltd.
Genre Fighting, RPG
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Update March 14, 2019 (2 years ago)

SNK Allstar has long been informed that it will officially release in 2018 or early 2019. This information has made players all over the world become buzzing because of My favorite game will be gathered in this version. Specifically, it will be a mix of 3 of SNK’s most popular fighting games. The most representative characters of 3 games: Shodown and The Last Blade Samurai Shodown and The Last Blade will encounter each other and create the most exciting battles. Basically the gameplay, the SNK publisher, also predetermined to the player that it would be a mobile fighting RPG. It has not been determined whether it will follow the type of solo Countervailing game or it will be designed like an MMORPG game. In general, no matter what, with the 3D design style, it will still be one of the most appreciated games in the present time.

Just March 7, 37GAMES announced the latest pre-registration campaign of this role-playing game. Over the past year, the game has received the attention of many gamers around the world and has become a topic of discussion for many forums. The information given is vague and only the guesswork of many experienced players. But also in that session, the latest information is officially notified to gamers to update right on the Offical Website.

It can be said that these three iconic series of games have achieved great success and become a legend of the fighting game series. Their stories are well known. So something new this time will revolve around an alternate timeline where the main event will start at the back when Kyo Kusanagi sealed Orochi. With this new timeline, the producers have the right to put all their characters into a certain story so they can fight with each other and create the most epic battles. Orochi in this version is as popular and influential as in his previous version. And with the desire to bring the human world to ruin, all of our heroes must exert all their strength to stop him.

Talking a bit about the pre-registration process, fans can log on to the official site and official twitter to register. Or you can search the name of the game on Google and choose the reliable gaming forums; they can give you the link. Try to register as soon as possible to receive valuable gifts when the game is released. First, the publisher is promising rewards such as Gacha Summons, Strengthening Items, and 3 ★ Mai Shiranui. It is possible that after achieving more significant levels of pre-registration, there will be Extra Rewards.

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