Game Star Wars: KOTOR
Publisher Aspyr Media, Inc.
Genre RPG
Size 2GB
Latest Version 1.0.7
MOD Info Unlimited Credits
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Update September 22, 2019 (1 year ago)

Surely any of us have heard of the classic and famous movie Star Wars. Developed in 1977 by the movie studio 20th Century Fox, the movie Star Wars has become a phenomenon in popular culture around the world. And of course, for such an influential, legendary film, titles born on the basis of Star Wars are also understandable. But whether the game you find is really as fascinating as you want it or not is an entirely different story. In this article, I will give you a beautiful game that you have to look for – Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Developed by professional developer Bioware and released via Aspyr Media, despite 11 years of market presence, KOTOR is still a popular name every time gamers mention it. The game is related to the Star Wars theme.


Coming to KOTOR, players will be taken to the period 4000 years before the Galactic Empire rise, just a short time before the galaxy’s fate is turned under the hands of the Skywalker father and son. The story begins when the two young Jedi, Malak and Revan, are dissatisfied and angry at the Jedi Ethnic Council. In the end, they disobeyed orders and participated in the bloody war with the Mandalorian race. With special leadership skills and superior tactical mind, Revan stood alongside Malak in the pursuit and overwhelming the Mandalorian army to the edge of the galaxy. Although their atrocities serve a noble cause, the price they pay is the soul tainted with hatred and bloodthirsty. With that brutal malice, they had forever walked to the Dark Side.

Choose Your Path!

After becoming powerful Sith lords, with strategic talent and superior strength misplaced, they had a dark plan to manipulate the Jedi council and the entire Galactic Republic. However, a development that unexpected players have appeared. While the battle between the two deviants is at the climax and the fiercest stage, Malak suddenly turned around and betrayed his long-standing companion – Revan. By borrowing the Jedi Council’s hand to point the spear at Revan, Malak has now become the commander of the Sith army. Since then, the most durable power has been in Malak’s hands.

With malice even crueller than before, he launched an attack on a series of planets. Threatening the life of all living things and the civilisation of the universe. During that crisis, you will play as an unknown warrior species between the two sides of the battle line. Not carrying a bit of memory, nor any past, title or name, only an empty and opaque mind. From now on, you will start a journey to rediscover your ego in Star Wars: KOTOR.

Role-playing experience with unique characters, creatures

On the way to find the answer about your true identity, you will have the opportunity to meet many unique characters from around the universe. Each person has a past, a completely different life. All the fun comes from these characters, and you can guess who they are if I mention. And of course, I will not do this because I want to give you the pleasure of experiencing the game for yourself. The deeper you go into this legendary game, you will accompany the characters you meet. They will help you a lot in battles. Next to the “time freezing” mechanism, it seems that this feature is quite familiar to players in products produced by Bioware. For those who don’t know, this feature works exactly as the name implies. Whenever you use it, all operations on the battlefield will be stopped. This applies to change squads, coordinating attacks, or coordinating attacks of characters. It can be said that this is the deciding factor for almost every match. To win, there must be a strategy, and this is a pretty clear message for gamers. This gameplay is entirely new; it gives players a thrill by the relatively fast pace of the match.

In addition, the stimulation of the game also comes from the plot of the character. As I mentioned, your ego will be decided by you. Through the storyline, every decision you make, or every choice you make, affects the happiness and sadness of the other characters, and so the humanity of the character you are aiming for. With just one step changed, your journey has been taken to a new page. Between a kind Jedi Knight and a representative of justice, or a violent and ruthless Sith lord, it is all up to you.


Since 11 years old, KOTOR has better graphics than modern games, it is impossible. However, it still deserves to be praised as a game with beautiful graphics on Mobile. From context to character details, you can still clearly feel about a distant fantasy world in the future. The majestic battleships, fierce battles with the laser sword in hand, along with the physique, a true expression of the character still bring an unforgettable feeling in the hearts of the player. Combined with the plot element, the game still achieves a certain depth and perfection. If to find a game full of “Star Wars” then this is still a game not only enough but also more than enough to win the hearts of fastidious gamers.