Game Stories: Love and Choices

Game Stories: Love and Choices
Publisher SAI YUN Game
Genre Simulation
Size 76M
Latest Version 1.2010260
MOD Info Premium Choices
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Update December 4, 2020 (3 months ago)

Do you feel depressed because of a lovelorn?
Your love path never goes anywhere?
Want to run away from your unlucky life for a while to relieve stress and sorrow?
Then Stories: Love and Choices game is a solution that could not be better for you.

Stories: Love and Choices (MOD, Premium Choices)


Love and Choices is a visual novel style role-playing game on mobile platforms. You will play a character in a romance story that you choose. The game has a lot of different stories, and all of them are of the love genre. However, each story has its own unique motif like modern, historical or even fiction. You can play the role of a mermaid, or become a French citizen in the middle of the 17th century, or simply a character living in modern times now. It’s your job to make choices about speech or behavior for your character, each of which will probably bring a different outcome to the story.

Stories: Love and Choices (MOD, Premium Choices)

The first outstanding feature of the game is the system to create your own character. Depending on the plot of each story, your character will be male or female. You can choose from a variety of skin colors, faces, hairstyles, and fashion styles for your own character. You can use the menu for in-game currency (diamonds) to unlock many cool hairstyles or fashion. This is an indispensable feature for the vast majority of role-playing games today, and Stories: Love and Choices have done very well, so this is the first plus point of the game. In addition, earning diamonds is not difficult, you just need to play daily or complete each chapter of each story to get, very simple right?

Stories: Love and Choices (MOD, Premium Choices)


The feature, and also the second plus point of the game, is the unique feature of the story of each story. The author of the game has erected deep emotional stories to enter the hearts of people. Every romantic story in this game is meaningful, no matter how the end becomes. The plot can turn dark and have a good ending, it can also be colorful, but the ending is too shocking for you, … It all depends on the choices you have made. out. It is not surprising if you shed a few tears because of the touching story because you have become one of the characters in each story. The system of characters and the way the author built for each character including the main characters that the supporting characters are also excellent.

The game possesses very good music depending on the scene, sad times the background music will be sad, happy times the background music will be happy as well, … It is a very prominent characteristic feature of the game is a visual novel, because music always has a strong impact on the emotions of the player. Although the game has no sound effects, the background music has saved this account.

Stories: Love and Choices (MOD, Premium Choices)

Stories: Love and Choices’ graphics are simply 2D but thanks to the talented hands of the artist who drew for this game, the characters, the scenes of the countryside, the city, the fields grass, beaches, mountains, hills, … added that the stunning visual effects that make the 2D of the game more vivid than ever. Some game scenes even bring the feeling like 3D graphics for players with simple 2D animation tricks. Despite being 2D, the game still somewhat exudes some beauty of modern 3D graphics.

Stories: Love and Choices (MOD, Premium Choices)

Such a simple game, with features, that few developers dare to do, dare to implement. Stories: Love and Choices helps players relax, relieve stress and fatigue. “Hiding” away from real life a bit often feels very refreshing. The game is friendly to both gamers who kill time on the phone and also love reading romance novels, making it both bring the entertainment features of a video game, and also has unique features of a literary work, or a romantic love film. Stories: Love and Choices are full of what a visual novel role-playing game should be.


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