Game Street of Rage 4

Game Street of Rage 4
Publisher DotEmu
Genre Action
Latest Version Coming soon
Update September 23, 2018 (2 years ago)

Street of Rage 4 – The age of gaming machines is set in commercial areas with a joystick and buttons like a gaming console have been around for quite some time. Even so, such games played on the PC’s operating system have also disappeared in this era. However, they are not obsolete thanks to the rise of gaming on the phone’s operating system. Games that are old on the console or PC are well known by manufacturers and revived it.


Based on the original version of SEGA

However, there are games that are old but need not be revived, but it has a new version by the hands of its owners. Street Fighter games have been viral thanks to the power of the SEGA. Now, almost this series has ceased to be famous, but the player continues to use it as an entertainment tool. Happy to the loyal fans, SEGA has created a new game called Street of Rage 4 with the same style, and the image is much improved and refined.

Funny, attractive, dramatic

Still the old way of playing, when players are playing the character available. In essence, the game operates under the mechanism of horizontal scroll screen 2D. Control manipulation will also be easier because it uses a basic controller. The player will move in 4 directions on a 2D screen but is more in the direction of the move. Attack and combo are also displayed simply on the right side so you can hit and deal damage as quickly as possible. In addition, the enemy will appear on both sides so players must pay attention to the defensive behind the back if you do not want to be ambushed and died unexpectedly.

Meet the familiar characters

This time, characters who are still Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding have appeared in the previous sections with the familiar martial arts, but is shown with the new effect of Street of Rage 4. The character is also beautifully designed. , sharper, colors are also described smoothly. Street of Rage 4 is almost a more modern version of Street Fighter. Therefore, players will enjoy the most attractive games. Skills launched strong, definitely accompanied by fast effects, causing the pace of the game increasingly high.

The graphics of Street of Rage 4 are like a comic book drawn on a mobile game. Of course, players who participate in the game will play the protagonist, perform the tasks and experience the most difficult moments. In addition, the characters in the game from male to female characters have designs that appeal to the player. Male characters are generally tall and muscular, the female character always has excellent body proportions. Their personality is reflected through the face, dress, always makes the player recognize the individual points of each person.

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