Game Suicide Guy

Game Suicide Guy
Genre Puzzle
Size 1G
Latest Version 2.1
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The games on the market today often give players many different experiences. These experiences usually range from stories to environmental effects that the player discovers. But some others came from the challenge they had to go through. Players will go from one stage to another to complete the task to take the next step in the game. Therefore, players will be motivated to experience any game. If you love games and want to share challenges, then Suicide Guy is the game for you.


Suicide Guy gives players beautiful graphics that anyone will be impressed when starting to experience the game. It can be seen as a cartoon movie in which you will be the main character. At the beginning of the game, players will ask many questions because of what this game brings. At the same time, you will not be able to ignore the dialogue and be forced to go through the challenges ahead.

One of the factors that this game does well is the unique environments that players can go to. This game offers players different settings, and it will rarely repeat. Each mission is associated with diverse backgrounds and requires players to spend a lot of time experiencing it. Bringing new challenges also brings something new to players and does not make them feel bored.

Creating multiple environments also means that the challenge will be different and require them to overcome a puzzle game. They can tinker and explore on their own. So, gradually, players can find ways to overcome the challenges they face ahead, which is also a factor motivating players.


Suicide Guy revolves around a story about a young man watching a movie and drinking a beer. But for some reason, everything in that situation completely stopped, and he was transported to another dimension. Here, he could see his beer bottle starting to fall, and one thing slowly realized he needed to wake up before things continued.

It can be said that this game gives players a clear and challenging story. That will be a mystery that will urge players to explore. The player will be in a place decorated almost like a restaurant. The only job a player can do is go into different environments and start solving the puzzle. Everything begins at this restaurant.


When you start moving to the restaurant, you will begin to feel many strange elements. It is a place that possesses a bright color scheme, and you will realize that there are no humans here. Only the surrounding objects and objects that you can reach are placed in front. It can be seen as a portal for you to start challenges, and when completing a mission, you will return here on your own.

This restaurant possesses many weird elements as you can both observe the act of dropping your beer bottle and the challenge of wrapping the order under the objects. As you begin to interact with them, you will feel like you will go into an appropriate environment. For example, when you click on the train, you will be teleported to the cabin and will find a way to complete the level. It can be said that each challenge has its characteristics.


In Suicide Guy, players will observe things from a first-person perspective, and they’ll have to spend a lot of time getting used to this perspective. They seem to feel like they are directly participating in the adventure and overcoming these various difficulties. But this is also a difficult thing as you will have to look around carefully before jumping over places with deep holes. As mentioned above, this game gives players nice graphics in different environments. Simultaneously, when you connect to the objects on the table, you will be teleported to a new place. There, they will quickly explore and find ways to complete this level. Therefore, during the game, players will not use one screen to apply to another.

For a puzzle game, one of the essential factors when players experience, is the objects they can interact with. Specifically, things that you can touch and move will be surrounded by a white line. Each item around will have different functions that players need to spend a lot of time thinking about. For example, some that will help you reach higher places or another used to unlock.


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