Game Tales of Adventure: Start Now!

Game Tales of Adventure: Start Now!
Publisher Tantan Game
Genre RPG
Size 91M
Latest Version 1.0.2
Get it On Google Play
OS Android Games

Adventures around the world, fighting countless monsters, helping people and becoming a champion is the dream of every child. In the past, it was simply shown through comic books, movies or in the imagination. Nowadays, it is realized by another form of entertainment is game. There, the children and adults also realized the dream has never been realized. Tales of Adventure: Start Now! is a game with new adventures on the phone. Tantan Game produces it and has just released the reputed game downloads site. It has received a lot of praise from gamer comments as well as the number of installers are also increasing rapidly.

With the familiar gameplay in combination with the many modes that are expected, it has created a truly fantastic fantasy adventure. With monsters, characters, anime scenes, Tales of Adventure wants you to enjoy a unique story, not imitate a brand at all.

Easy operation and automatic battle

Smooth operation and automatic battle make it easy for players to manipulate. Not only that, but it is also easy for youngsters to experience. Just find out quickly that you can play it mature. No more cumbersome than other games, it just one key to boost and fast skip. Characters in Tales of Adventure: Start Now! It is not merely an influential person that they are a combination of humanity and animals. They bring in human intelligence and the superior strength and instinct of animals. There are hundreds of cards to choose from, and the battle will take place at an extremely fast tempo. The adventure will go through exciting stories that make you feel excited right away.

Simple gameplay, just a card control, but it’s available for a variety of modes, including Arena, Breed, Elite Stage and Questions … Many options await you in the future. Conquering controlled bosses with multi-functional collections will lead you to worthy rewards. Increasingly, your skills increase, and you can become Heroes King again. Each character will have unique stats, location, fate, and skills. You should choose the right team to take advantage of their ability in the battle and win the lightning. Finally, the player must be quick in developing the right timing but adjusting the cooldown time to combos with each other.

3D graphics

Although the interface is quite cute, attracting the attention of children the design of Tales of Adventure: Start Now! are focused. Anime and landscape style characters are also drawn with the same theme. Over the course of many challenges, it retains the old style, but beautiful scenes like an anime series are added. It’s even like a pre-arranged scenario, and you’re an actor in that. Constant display and control buttons, as well as damage indicators, cause a continuous jump on the logically designed screen, which does not leave the player with a headache for too long.


Tales of Adventure: Start Now! there are many upcoming events that are coming out in the game so you can compete with your friends. Festival giftpacks are regularly updated, containing a lot of valuable items. The gameplay process is perfect, so it has attracted many players to the game. Small capacity is also a useful feature, install right on your Android to enjoy.

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