Game The Legend of Zelda

Game The Legend of Zelda
Publisher Nintendo
Genre RPG
OS Android Games

The Legend of Zelda is a community game voted the best game in 2017. It easily defeated Super Mario Odyssey or even PUBG to climb to the top of the table. It’s true that so many people are surprised that such a high-end game has become the champion of this year and makes PUBG’s sibling regret.

Can confirm that this is a monument difficult to overthrow in the game console. And another good news for the mobile gaming community around the world is that The Legend of Zelda will be available on Android and iOS platforms next year. Over 30 years with nearly 20 major and minor versions of The Legend of Zelda is the name that follows the gamers every five months with the traditional RPG game. In the past, so many long names are blown away because no one is playing anymore. But with the legendary series, this age does not really matter. However, the sad thing is that the game only appears in the system of Nintendo so that although it is very favorite but still difficult for gamers to enjoy easily.

With the arrival of PC games on the mobile, this has also led Nintendo developers to put their hands on their foreheads thinking about bringing their kids up to mobile, so that millions of players can be touched. this legendary game. Last summer there was speculation that The Legend of Zelda would be on the mobile platform, but it was all rumors and no moves from the developers. Actually, that makes the players love it sitting quietly. In front of the love of the gamers, perhaps Nintendo cannot help but wait and recently gave official information. They are in the process of developing the game and very soon will be offering on mobile platforms, probably get this hot news many gamers cannot be touched.

Up until now, there has been no release date, nor details about the game content, but we can be absolutely sure that this is the main version. If there is any new information provided by the publisher, we will update immediately.

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