Game The ORC (오크: 전쟁의 서막)
Publisher Efun Company
Genre RPG
Size 88 MB
Latest Version 3.0.1
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Update September 17, 2019 (1 year ago)

Efun Company has not been featured on Google Play yet Their products are extremely high quality because of the high graphics and deep gameplay. So people play their games thanks to the fact that it hides an extremely large world with complex character systems. Players will have to spend a lot of time to learn as well as master the product of this company. The ORC exploits another aspect of the story of familiar species derived from the novel The Lord of the Rings. More specifically, this game offers us a lot of transformational events, not just fixed character classes as other role-playing games have done. The first thing that gives the most attention to players is the 108-character system. Four races, divided into 9 different types, along with 27 upgrades make this complex system. Also, the open world makes everything so much more diverse.

Of course, this role-playing game cannot lack the world open full 3D. The world is extremely large and players can watch everything they want with a 360-degree view of the camera. Nine times the size of Yoido, the largest scale ever! There are also wide viewing modes that are not limited by any space.

With 108 character classes, the player will be joined and fought in the real battlefield. Everything revolves around exploiting and harnessing the power of all kinds of characters to serve the main purpose of the war. With a complex battlefield, four classes of human characters (often appearing as a paladin with giant shields and sharpened sword), Elf (of course an archer with the elegant and beautiful appearance of a Drawf (this time the blacksmiths are no longer outdated with rudimentary weapons that use their forged weapons to create modern weapons like guns). And finally, the new strange ally is the ORC.

In this battle, they play the role of a Berserker, characterized by an enormous axe with heavy armor. Everyone’s opponent is a wicked witch who uses Dark Magic to summon powerful occult creatures to serve his purpose. In which a dragon larger than a castle became his henchman. With a role-playing game, the player will be provided with an analog stick, along with five skills that each have their own individual strengths. In fact, there are not always monsters to fight that you have to move constantly on the map to get the task to increase power. Have enough troops to diversify your damage and quickly win the battle.