Game TheoTown City Simulation

Game TheoTown City Simulation
Publisher blueflower
Genre Simulation
Size 70M
Latest Version 1.9.79a
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play
Update March 13, 2021 (13 hours ago)

TheoTown City Simulation – Reminds about the myth of the virtual world can not fail to mention SimCity BuildIt. All the essentials of the PC version, this mobile game quickly reached millions of users. Not only because of the exciting gameplay, but graphics are also very beautiful, impressive. Also on the theme of building cities like SimCity, Theo Town City Simulation from Blueflower has also made significant strides. Typically the amount of interaction of players with extremely high game titles, although the game is not fussy but attractive. Theo does not own 3D design, but the simplicity of it is beautiful to the player. If the vitality of the virtual world is the place where you want to be immersed, then this game will easily satisfy your hunger.

TheoTown City Simulation (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Do you want to build your own city?

Coming to TheoTown City, you will hold in their hands the power to control and built the city according to his will. A perfect and beautiful city will need the works, social services, and beauty of it. By reclaiming the surrounding lands, players will have more locations to build houses and roads. However, there are always elements that destroy the beauty of your city. For example, home fire, landfill… At this time players have to use the service has been built to clean and repair. With the ability to control and arrange every detail, the buildings will be built personality bold personality.

TheoTown City Simulation (MOD, Unlimited Money)

To increase the beauty of the city, players can use the specific elements available to decorate. Surely your city will become more brilliant, eye-catching. According to the City of Simulation own a style of play quite similar to reality. All things, things that exist and occur in fact will be portrayed in the game. Players will experience a large space with the ability to manage only real life only the big new powers. All elements in the game are updated in real time, modern and high. “Boring” will never appear in your mind.

TheoTown City Simulation (MOD, Unlimited Money)

However, you do not have to build a beautiful city definitely, and you can also do something new. Extreme weather phenomena can also help you “clean up” the beautiful city. In a moment, all will become a vacant lot, no houses, no roads, nothing. This feature is also quite convenient for those who need to create a new city but no solution. In the regular updates of `Blueflower,’ the game will be edited and added to many more exciting features. Supports a lot in the long run for the user.

TheoTown City Simulation (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Pixel classic graphics

Instead of being mimicked in 3D as the titles of the same genre, Theo Town City owns the classic, familiar pixel style. However, these pixels are quite small, not clearly visible to the player. As the theme is to build a green city – clean – beautiful, the element of color must be placed on top. And TheoTown City Simulation has done this quite well, not too detailed but still enough. Smooth and stable motion effects. The different theme, attractive. Details are subdivided by theme, creating a world of exploration and discovery. The hilarious sound is also the highlight; the experience will be gentle and slow. The map of the game is extremely wide, bringing the scale of the big city, so the construction is not simply a day two. Players will be immersed in the space of many interesting things.

TheoTown City Simulation (MOD, Unlimited Money)


Compared to the same game genre, although the graphics are not too sophisticated, the gameplay is beautiful and attractive. Demonstrating the need to express his personality, Theo Town City Simulation is sure to be the destination of many gamers like the game build the city. Thanks to the ability to optimize for each type of equipment, players will not need to be bothered about the size and quality of the game each time use. And finally, the game is free on the mobile app store, download it and experience it now.


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