Game Trail Boss BMX

Game Trail Boss BMX
Publisher Noodlecake Studios Inc
Genre Simulation, Sports
Size 32MB
Latest Version 1.1.0
MOD Info All Unlocked
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Update August 21, 2020 (7 months ago)

Have you ever heard of Mountain biking? It is an all-terrain sport that is associated with the bike along with the top-notch and fascinating aerobatics. But on the other hand, people love this sport not only because of the tricks that athletes create but also the feeling of adventure and thrill when the performance lands. Also, because to create the perfect trick, the biker must accept the risk of injury, worse can be life-threatening. There have been a lot of people who love this game, but not everyone has the courage to sit on a bicycle and start aerobatic in the air. So in this article, I will bring you a related game that will appear on your phone after a few minutes of installation, attractive, engaging, choking but not hurting – Trail Boss BMX. Handsome as the name implies, Trail Boss BMX promises to bring you a real sense of adventure on towering slopes. All will make you immersed, only overwhelmed speed, vast space, and neat tricks that you can not take your eyes off the phone.

Big jumps, big stunts.

Without a plot, the only task that makes you accompany with Trail Boss BMX is to control the character through difficult slopes with a tremendous speed to perform difficult tricks that no one dares to do. With the motto of always trying new things, you will have the opportunity to be exposed to many different types of great tricks, which means the risk of not having enough time to trick or stumble will be higher. Trail Boss BMX is designed to play with touch, i.e., to create trick in the air, you must use the swipe of one or both hands. The more about the challenges later, you will face many complicated tricks that require rapid and complex touches and must be smooth and accurate. And of course, for any game, the simpler the game, the less charismatic. Only the more patiently you practice, the higher your skills will be and believe me, there will be challenges that are so difficult that you will scratch your head for playing forever!

In fact, the challenges of the game and Mountain biking in real life are not much different, except that you will not have to pay for injuries when doing the trick. Not only that challenges not only encapsulated in the trick is enough, obstacles along the way include wildlife, but they can also appear at any time to prevent players from accomplishing the goal. Without paying attention, you may not be able to accomplish the goal. It can be said that the gameplay of the game is straightforward to learn but to become an expert is a completely different challenge; there will be enough levels for busy gamers for hours. But please remember, if you do not do the trick, then try to hold the phone in your hand!


Noodlecake Studios is exceptionally proud of 40 stages with 360 different challenges designed in beautiful 3D graphics and completely handmade. There will be turns, giving you a direction and finishing your way. Besides, your bike also needs to be colored, with your aesthetic, create a bicycle with a brand name so that anyone looking at it will quickly recognize this is a pro gamer. In addition to offline challenges, “Trail Boss BMX” also has a mode of competition with friends. Go on to the top, breaking your limits to receive the admiring and respectful gaze from the other Mountain Biker.

Graphics & Sound

Trail Boss BMX has a graphics platform of the best in the 3D gaming industry on mobile. The details in the game are designed in an animated style but with a robust angular edge. Exterior elements such as green and earth are all very prominent and vivid, moreover the game company also knows how to focus on the gameplay experience when depicting the moving elements of the character is really clear and smooth, in parallel with that is eliminating cumbersome factors such as the movement of the trees, the evolution of the clouds, … all bring the most joyful experience when transformed into a cool biker. Besides, the game company “Noodlecake Studios” also does very well in the sound field when it gives players the rocky music. Think about it; doing a trick on rock music will definitely stimulate the excitement in the body.

It can be said, Trail Boss BMX is a very addictive game by beautiful tricks with many different levels and challenges. It can cause you to spend hours just doing the same thing over and over again. Trust me, for a bargain price; you have an attractive game right for your leisure. If you are a Mountain biking fan, why not download and experience it now?


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