Game Videogame Guardians
Publisher Super Planet
Genre Action
Size 88M
Latest Version 1.8.10
MOD Info Freeze Enemy
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Update February 26, 2020 (1 year ago)

Do you often watch movies about the life of the sea heroes? Make sure that at least once in your life you have dreamed of becoming heroes like them, leading your army and exploring the sea. Me too, there was a time I had longed for, and the way to make my dream come true is to find role playing games. One of my favorite games is Videogame Guardians. This game not only turned me into a hero, but it also helped me to get rid of everyday fatigue and help me really relax. How about you? Let me explore this game offline.

Salty Strategic Battle on the Pirate Ship!

Pirates appeared everywhere in the sea. They set up a base, building a mighty army. They are ready to loot and destroy any boat on the sea. As a captain, you can not stand watching the tragedy. Join up with other sailors from around the world and plan to stop this evil army.

To begin their journey, the player is provided with some default character. The player’s task is to collect as many other characters as possible to perform his attack on the enemy. The character system is very diverse, from monstrous monsters to the familiar anime heroes that players can easily explore. Each character has a level and possesses a special weapon. During the battle, the level of the character will continue to increase, causing the shape to change more perfectly, while the attack index and HP is also increased.

“Have you ever imagined?

The boss battle mode in the Guardians Videogame is very interesting, players will in turn pass the screen, each screen has monsters with horror and valuable gifts. The game goes on, if the player is knocked down, a pigeon will appear and take the player back to the previous two levels. During the game, players need to constantly upgrade their character to not be defeated. However, players need money to upgrade. Do not worry, finish the mission and destroy the monsters to collect more money.

In addition, the game also PvP World mode, which will gather all players in the world. If the player is bored to hit the boss, then join this mode and find the opponent for yourself. The system will help players find an equal partner for fair play to be fair.


Overall, Videogame Guardians MOD is an attractive game for those looking for a lightweight RPG. Although the graphics are not so good, the characters and interface of the game are fun, more about entertainment. In addition, the game’s control mechanism is very simple, players only need to bring the character into the match and upgrade the character, all the attack skills will be played automatically. Download the Videogame Guardians game and add it to your entertainment collection!