Game Where Shadows Slumber
Publisher Game Revenant
Genre Logic
Size 250M
Latest Version 1.0.13
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Update September 16, 2019 (1 year ago)

Where Shadows Slumber – You enjoy puzzle genre do not? If you like it, you definitely will not be able to find games like Candy Crush Saga or Soda, 2048, Cut the Rope,… It’s still raining on the gaming market. The amount of load seems to be unchanged over time. So the reason that all these games stand throughout the year. The only answer is that the “challenge” of the game that poses for gamers today. Gradually, the growing popularity of the “challenge” of the game itself has hit the psychology of today’s gaming. And hereafter, I would like to introduce you a game that will make you happy for the mystery as well as make you want to learn search and reveal the mystery of the game is “Where Shadows Slumber.”

Darkness reveals the truth

First, I would like to point out the story of the game a bit. In the old days, the world was gradually shrouded in darkness. There was an old man named Obe, who found a mysterious lamp in a forest on his last journey. Your responsibility will be to guide Obe and find the right way to break the game. True to the story, the world is covered by darkness, when you hold the lamp, you will surely have light.

But things have not stopped there; there will definitely be things or buildings that will obscure the light from your lamp so you can not find the right way. So, you need to figure out some way to build on the elements in the game to get the right answer. Sometimes the game will make you a headache when a screen is not out but do not be discouraged; everything is simple to find the sign.

Second, let’s say a bit about the game’s characteristics. Game images are pretty easy to see and easy to get you access to the game. These sentences require you to mobilize more of your intelligence to find a solution to the puzzle. And according to the plot, you will be sharing the end of Obe’s life journey. The game is for both the PC and the phone. Ultimately, you should use headphones to experience this game to the fullest. And when the noise is the signal to help you.

A riveting story unfolds as you play

Moreover, the unique thing of the game is that even if you are not connected to the Internet, you still have the experience of playing the game. So you can play it at any time. In addition, with the richness of terrain in the game (including the 8 worlds), you can experience each of the individual characteristics of the world such as marshes, fortress, … This will definitely help you get bored during the game. Sure, the more the world, the more difficult it will be. Please try it out! Through the introduction, this will be a game that you can think of using the brain as good as the previous games have done. So please do not hesitate to download this game offline! Wish you have a fun gaming time!