Game World Cricket Championship 3 – WCC3

Game World Cricket Championship 3 – WCC3
Publisher Nextwave Multimedia
Genre Simulation, Sports
Size 620M
Latest Version 1.2.1
MOD Info Skins Unlocked
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Update February 8, 2021 (1 month ago)

Long ago, cricket became one of the sports that received a lot of attention from players. According to history, there are many different timelines about the birth of this sport, so no one knows precisely. But the time when this sport first appeared was in the 16th century. During hundreds of years of development, this sport has now become an international sport to attract players. The most obvious evidence for this is that the tournaments are held annually to attract people. Among those famous tournaments, the top one is the ICC Cricket World Cup; this is a national tournament to bring together many different countries. Its size is not inferior to the World Cup of the sport of king – football, this is enough to prove its popularity.

There is no official mod version for WCC3, you can download and experience the WCC2 (MOD, Unlimited Money) while you wait.

World Cricket Championship 3 - WCC3 (MOD, Skins Unlocked)

With the rage, it is impossible not to have games made about this sport for fans to be satisfied. Among the titles produced, the World Cricket Championship series is probably the most successful. The latest part of the series is the recently released World Cricket Championship 3 – WWC 3 and has received a lot of attention from players. And if you are a fan of cricket, this game is something you can not ignore.

Select a country

Before the player starts the game, the player needs to have a complete team to compete. Players will be able to choose between many different countries famous for cricket to start the game. The countries where the game is available are the UK, India, New Zealand, and many other countries. When a player chooses a country, the members of the team belong to that nation’s nationality. In real life, each team participating in the match has a membership of 11 people to start the game. But if you put all 11 people in, the match time will be greatly prolonged. So the game has been shortened, now there are only seven members left for each team to compete. This will make the game happen faster so that it doesn’t take too long to play the game. With a shorter amount of time, the game is enough to give players the thrill of playing the game.

World Cricket Championship 3 - WCC3 (MOD, Skins Unlocked)

Determine the position of the player

In a regular cricket match, there will be two different positions, respectively, bowler and fielder for players to participate in. So before a game can take place, the player must decide which team will take the position to compete against each other. The way to determine that is by using a coin; the referee will toss a coin to make a decision. Before tossing a coin, the player will have to choose a two-sided coin, which is the head or tail,l to know who the winner is. Players need to have a little luck to win. If the player guesses correctly, then the player will have the right to decide whether he will play as a bowler or a fielder.

World Cricket Championship 3 - WCC3 (MOD, Skins Unlocked)

If the player, unfortunately, the opponent will be selected first, and the player will have to take over the remaining position. But when certain requirements are met, the positions of the two teams will be swapped to change the gaming experience. This is also to ensure fairness for the game so that players can take turns to change.

World Cricket Championship 3 - WCC3 (MOD, Skins Unlocked)

Wicket protection

When a player selects or is assigned to be a fielder, the player’s task now is to protect wicket. The player’s opponent will find a way to throw the ball in such a way that it can knock down the gate and eliminate the player. Players need to knock the ball as it approaches to prevent the wicket from falling. Once the player hits the ball, the members start moving back and forth between the two milestones to score. On the screen, there will be two buttons for players to decide the direction of the ball, which is left or right. If the ball is from the left, press the left to hit the ball and contrast with the right. If the player hits the ball a long distance, the team members will easily score.

World Cricket Championship 3 - WCC3 (MOD, Skins Unlocked)

Throwing wicket

The remaining position is the bowler; the task of the player will be opposite to the fielder, which is to find a way to throw the opponent’s wicket. But it is not a straight throw like a baseball and must be launched on the ground for it to bounce. The hard part here is that the player needs to throw the ball in the right place so that it can pop in the right position. The task of the player is not only to throw down the wicket but the player also, for a further purpose, is to eliminate the members of the enemy team. There are many ways to do that, such as catching the ball hit by an opponent, making fielders use his feet to block the ball.


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