Game Worms 4

Game Worms 4
Publisher Team 17 Digital Limited
Genre Arcade
Size 260MB
Latest Version 1.0.432182
MOD Info money
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Update September 17, 2019 (1 year ago)

Worms 4 – Are you a video game lover? Surely, the game Gunny of VNG is too familiar with each other’s childhood. Gunny allows players to engage in violent shootings and to create a great social network for people to interact with. After more than a year since launch, this game has achieved some remarkable achievements such as becoming the top casual, influential and large revenue. Today, I will bring the game like Gunny on your phone with the name: Worms 4. This game has a gun style similar to Gunny, hoping that you will like them.

Charmingly fun

Worms 4 describes the battle in the realm of those pests. In this game, you will be controlling the warriors to defend your kingdom against the enemy. Each battle in Worms 4 is played between two teams playing together, characterized by two colors blue and red. The battle takes place 2vs2, you need to prepare the spirit to receive the rain bombs with the dangerous tactics that the enemy set up. But do not worry, you can also create tactics with your teammates, as well as prepare powerful weapons before the battle. The game offers a variety of high-damage weapons, such as bazookas, grenades, banana bombs, suicide kills, missiles, or lava.

Each weapon has different characteristics, has a loud explosion, has deep-line turbulence, or has very easy firing lines but great damage. In particular, this version of Worms four times the presence of two special guns: Hayley’s Comet – with fire engines and Lucky Die – guns to chance, put your life to bet. Parallel to the weapon system, it is a system of deep warriors and outfitted equipment. Each warrior has unique attributes, and different combat abilities allow the player to unlock and upgrade. The alien items help the warriors have more distinctive shapes, increasing HP stats, defense and attack.

Besides, Worms 4 has a variety of maps, ranging from green grasslands, peninsulas, to snow-covered areas. Some maps are sturdy and can not be destroyed, and also the terrain can be opaque. Depending on the terrain, you can choose your own tactics.

As for the game mechanics, you need to adjust the center of the gun at different angles, then stretch the force accordingly to throw the ammunition towards the enemy. Whichever is destroyed will become losers.


You can shoot the coordinates right now on his mobile phone with a network connection to Worms 4. Moreover, this game is not only tense battles, but the publisher has tried to put added chat features so that players can exchange and share with each other. Download this game and start exploring the realm

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