In 1935 , more than 300 Red Army soldiers died strangely overnight, and the truth was found out 54 years later

In October 1935, the Red Army successfully crossed Liupan Mountain and reached the Gengwan Town area at the foot of the mountain. But on the second day, an extremely strange thing happened suddenly. More than 300 soldiers of the Red Army who rested all night died without warning. The chairman was furious when he heard the news and ordered Luo Ruiqing to investigate. It was not until the arrival of an investigative team 54 years later that the truth was revealed. Why did the 300 soldiers die strangely? Could it be the enemy’s poisoning incident? Friends who are interested, don’t forget to follow and like for more exciting videos.

In September 1935, the Central Red Army entered Bangluo Town, Gansu Province. After arriving in Gansu, how to open up a new base area became the most important issue for the Red Army. At that time, most commanders and fighters believed that our army should first go west and then turn north. Establish bases in the bordering areas in order to better obtain assistance from the Soviet Union, and the Central Military Commission later agreed with this opinion, but just when everyone was about to leave, a news spread to the Red Army.

Red Army on the march

It turned out that the 25th Army Corps of the Red Army had joined Liu Zhidan’s northern Shaanxi guerrillas and reorganized into the 15th Red Army Corps, which had established itself in the Shaanxi-Gansu area . After understanding the current situation, the central government decided to abandon the previous plan and advance to the northern Shaanxi area instead . During the march of the Red Army, the most critical and dangerous place was Liupan Mountain at the intersection of the three provinces.

Battle of Liupan Mountain

In October 1935, under the leadership of Chairman Mao, the Red Army took a feigned attack method, unexpectedly, directly attacked Tongwei City from the Hadapu area, and then entered Liupan Mountain via Pingliang and Guyuan Avenue. It was a dangerous battle, but the internal factions of the Kuomintang were complicated, and all factions stayed put to preserve their strength. Our army successfully crossed the mountain at Qingshizui, a weak point in Liupan Mountain. After defeating some cavalry who came to intercept it, it completely got rid of the follow-up troops.

Chairman of Shi Xing Dafa

Liupan Mountain is the key battle of our army’s Long March. After the victory in the battle, Shi Xing wrote the famous phrase “Qingpingle Liupan Mountain” . While the troops were enjoying the joy of victory, a sudden accident brought everyone’s mood to the bottom. The next morning, when our army’s correspondents were assembling the troops, they discovered that more than 300 soldiers at the foot of the mountain had all died strangely. The news soon reached the chairman’s ears.

The term “Qingpingle Liupan Mountain”

The chairman was also furious when he heard the news. You must know that after the Central Red Army reached Liupan Mountain, there were only more than 8,000 soldiers left. These 300 soldiers were all experienced heroes. Then the chairman called Luo Ruiqing, the director of the Security Bureau, and Ask him to find out the truth. However, the difficulty of investigating the facts far exceeded Luo Ruiqing’s imagination. The more than 300 soldiers who died had only old wounds and no fatal new injuries. This shows that the soldiers did not die from a sudden attack. He died from poisoning, but because there was not enough medical technology at the time to analyze the cause of death, this matter became an unsolved case . Later, in order to join the Red Army in northern Shaanxi as soon as possible, the chairman had to give up the investigation and order the troops to advance rapidly.

The bizarre sacrifice of the Red Army

After the founding of New China, the central government has always attached great importance to this matter and organized people to investigate it many times. The truth was finally revealed in 1989 . In 1989, a water supply group of the People’s Liberation Army was ordered to go to Gengwan Town to conduct a water quality survey. The personnel in charge were two geological engineers Wang Xueyin and Wang Senlin. After arriving at the scene of the crime, the two engineers quickly discovered the local water quality by virtue of their professional knowledge. Existing problems.

people who conduct water quality surveys

The spring water gushing out from the ground smelled very pungent, and the engineer keenly felt that the potassium ions in the water must be higher than the standard level. Then, in order to obtain more detailed data, two engineers took water samples and conducted repeated experiments. Finally, It was found that the potassium ions in the reservoir seriously exceeded the standard, and even every ton of water could contain 1 kilogram of potassium. What’s more serious is that this geological area belongs to the oil distribution area, and the gas in the oil will flow along the The stone seeps into the water, and the gas contains a lot of cyanide gas. Once this cyanide gas combines with potassium ions, it can become highly toxic. If you drink this kind of water, your nervous system will be seriously damaged . If you sleep without realizing it, you will lose your breath, and if you drink it too much, you will die directly. More than 300 soldiers who died that year should have used this spring water to die.

Qingshizui Long March Memorial

Although the unsolved case has been investigated, the pain brought by this incident to the Red Army has never disappeared. These 300 soldiers should have had a better future, but they fell on the last road of the Long March. Many people were moved and regretted.



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