Noodle dish related to Qin Hui: deep-fried dough sticks

On the table in the north, in addition to tofu nao and Hu spicy soup, there are fried dough sticks.

Fried dough sticks and spicy tofu naohu soup are a perfect match. All kinds of soups without fried dough sticks are soulless.

Knead the finished noodles vigorously, pull them into strips, roll them in an oil pan, fry them until golden brown, and take them out. They are crispy and delicious, and are delicious for all ages.

In fact, you tiao was originally called you tiao. Its appearance is related to the traitor Qin Hui in the Southern Song Dynasty.

It is said that Qin Hui followed Gaozong Zhao Gou’s idea and sued and killed Yue Fei in Fengbo Pavilion. After the news came out, it aroused great indignation among the people. They didn’t understand why such a loyal minister and good general would be killed innocently!

A couple surnamed Ding, who made a living by setting up a noodle stall, learned that Qin Hui had killed Yue Fei. They were filled with righteous indignation and hated Qin Hui to the bone. Born from the heart, I made the noodles I made that day into the appearance of Qin Hui and his wife Wang, and then squeezed the couple who did the wrong thing together and fried them in a frying pan to relieve the pain in my heart. hatred.

They have a name for the deep-fried stuff called fried juniper.

Everyone heard that the couple made fried juniper berries and came to buy them one after another. Everyone scolded Qin Hui and his wife while eating fried juniper.

And according to the practice of the couple, they made fried juniper berries at home.

Gradually, fried juniper has become an indispensable paste in our life.

It has been passed down from generation to generation, according to which youtiao was imitated in several places, gradually spread, and has another name: youtiao.

In Chinese history, many delicacies appeared to commemorate famous people. For example, zongzi is to commemorate the patriot Qu Yuan.

Like Dongpo meat, it reminds people of the great writer Su Shi.

But few people will extend the interview time like scolding fried dough sticks.

There are steel weights between heaven and earth, and the weights are our civilians.

Ordinary people may not be able to tell the truth of so many historical figures, but they know who is good and who is bad, who deserves our praise, and who should be excluded by us.

For historical figures, they may not be as wise as historians and analyze with knife and pen, but they have their own way of remembering.

The expression of love, hatred, and hatred is so direct and so heartfelt!


Yuan Shikai can also enjoy this kind of treatment.

It is said that the origin of “tangyuan” is related to Yuan Shikai. There’s no evidence for this, so I don’t know if it’s true or not.

Instead, glutinous rice balls and fried dough sticks should be called together, because they are of course a perfect match.



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