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Modern Membership, Ecommerce, Digital Downloads, User Profile, Registration & Login Form Plugin

is a simple yet powerful ecommerce and paid membership plugin for accepting one-time and recurring payments, selling subscriptions and digital products (downloadable files) via Stripe & PayPal, restrict content and control user access.

ProfilePress lets you create beautiful user profiles, member directories, frontend login, and user registration forms, password reset and edit profile forms.

Our Drag-and-Drop form builder makes building forms easy. It is the perfect solution for creating online communities and membership sites where users can register or signup to become members.

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Excellent Features of ProfilePress

ProfilePress ecommerce plugin is suited for selling non-physical goods, including online courses, paid memberships, subscriptions, selling services, selling event tickets, accepting donations, selling digital downloads, etc.

Multiple Payment Processors

Easily connect to Stripe & PayPal to collect payments. We are working on adding additional gateways (Mollie, Square, PayStack, RazorPay, Mercado Pago) in the future.

Powerful Payment Options

One-time payments, subscriptions, subscriptions with free trials, payment plans (installments), donations. We cover ways you may want to get paid.

Coupon Discounts

Incentivize your buyers with a coupon discount to increase sales. With our ecommerce and membership plugin, you can easily create unlimited coupons and automatically add coupons with a URL parameter.

Custom Frontend Forms

Create excellent checkout, login, user registration, password reset, and edit profile forms with our drag-and-drop builder. Your members will never have to see your WordPress admin panel. Everything is handled in the frontend.

  • Conversion Optimized Checkout Form – Let users make payments to you and subscribe to your membership plans.
  • User Registration Forms – Let users signup via a custom registration form.
  • Login & Password Reset Forms – Allow users to log in and reset their passwords.
  • User Dashboard – My Account page and edit profile forms for users to manage their profile details and account settings.
  • Automatic Registration & Login Redirect – Auto login users after they register and redirect them after they sign in, log out and reset their passwords.
  • Add login, logout, register, and profile links to your website navigation menu that will change based on whether the user is logged in.

User Profiles & Member Directories

Add beautiful user profiles to your site that display your users’ profile pictures and information. And create searchable and filterable member directories allowing users to find each other.

We also provide shortcodes to display users’ avatars and allow users to upload their profile pictures from the front-end of your site.

Advanced and Drag-and-Drop Form Builder

We took out the pain of creating user profiles, member directories, and forms with our intuitive drag-and-drop builder.

We also provide an advanced form builder that gives you the flexibility to build any form. With knowledge of HTML, you code the form with our expressive shortcodes, make it pretty with CSS, and we handle the rest.

Customisable Pre-Built Templates

Never start from scratch again. ProfilePress comes with several beautiful, customizable pre-built templates for user profiles, member directory, and forms to help you save even more time.

Access & Content Restriction

ProfilePress gives you fine-grained control over what content your users can see based on your rules and . You can restrict content including pages, child pages, posts, custom post types, categories, tags and custom taxonomies based on their membership plans, user roles, usernames, and logged-in status.

You can also control the visibility of menus and widgets, modules & contents in & Builder.

Detailed Ecommerce Reports

We provide a complete reports section where you can Keep track of your earnings, refunds, sales, download logs and more. You can view reports for any period or drill down to specific membership plans.

Other Payment & Membership Features

  • Complete customer management to view and manage detailed records of all customers and their order history.
  • Collect EU Vat or Tax from your users with our ecommerce plugin depending on their location, with complete control over tax rates and who to charge.
  • Disable the admin bar and restrict access to the WordPress dashboard based on user roles.
  • Redirect the WordPress default login page (wp-login.php) to your custom login, registration page, and password reset pages.

Email Customizer

Customize the email templates for each email that can be sent to users and administrators. You also have the flexibility of changing the sender name and email address and activating and deactivating the email type that can be sent.

Powerful Premium Features

Extend the capabilities of ProfilePress with our powerful addons and remove the additional 2% Stripe processing fee.

  • Checkout – Accept payments including Visa, Mastercard, Venmo, Discover, iDEAL, American Express, Bancontact, BLIK, giropay, MyBank, Przelewy24 via PayPal.
  • Fields – Collect additional information from users besides the standard profile data.
  • Confirmation – Ensure registered users confirm their email addresses before they can log in.
  • Moderation – Decide whether to approve newly registered users or not. You can also block and unblock users at any time.
  • Login – Let users register & login to your site via Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, GitHub, and VK.
  • -Factor Authentication (2FA) – Adds an additional layer of security to users accounts by requiring more than just a password to log in.
  • Login – Let users log in to your site via a one-time URL sent to their email addresses.
  • – Manage WooCommerce billing and shipping fields, replace WooCommerce login and edit account forms in checkout and “My Account” pages with that of ProfilePress.
  • reCAPTCHA – Protect your forms against spam and bot attacks.
  • Creation – Allow users to create new sites on a multisite network via a registration form powered by ProfilePress.
  • – Subscribe members to your Mailchimp audiences when they register and automatically sync profile changes with Mailchimp.
  • Monitor – Subscribe members to your Campaign Monitor lists when they register and automatically sync profile changes with Campaign Monitor.
  • Profile Sync – This addon provides 2-way synchronization between WordPress profile fields and BuddyPress extended profile.
  • BuddyPress Groups – Let users select the BuddyPress groups to join during registration.
  • – Block spam and bot user registrations with Akismet and keep your membership site safe and secured.
  • – Build multilingual login, registration, password reset, and edit profile forms.

ProfilePress is the Ecommerce platform of your dreams. It delivers a complete Ecommerce experience with everything needed for selling online.

What’s Next

If you like this plugin, then consider checking out our other products:

  • – Create popups and optin forms for capturing email newsletter subscribers. Integrates with Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact & more.
  • – Redirect users to different URLs after they log in, log out and register based on different conditions including user role, capability and more.



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