VietNam – Attacked, five police officers were injured

A group of people used bricks, stones, bottles containing gasoline, sticks to attack and arrest a police officer. The incident left five police officers injured.

On the evening of July 13, the Police of Nghe An province issued a press release related to the case of 6 police officers and soldiers injured during the construction protection of items under the WHA project, which occurred on the morning of the same day.

The WHA project was implemented in Nghi Loc district, Nghe An province. In which, the functional sector has decided to recover the residential road cutting across the industrial park, 520m long, and build a replacement road 740m long. The replacement road is poured concrete, 6.5m wide, the curb is 1m wide, there is a system of lights, trees.

The replacement road is now completed and put into use but some residents are still determined to keep the old road cutting across the industrial park. Many times, the functional sector of Nghi Loc district and Nghe An province has propagated, mobilized and explained clearly to the people but to no avail.

Attacked, 5 police officers injured - 2
The new road replaces the old residential road that cuts across the WHA industrial park.

On the morning of July 13, nghi Loc District People’s Committee and WHA enterprises continued to construct the project items. During the construction process, about 300 people in Binh Thuan neighborhood, Nghi Thuan commune (Nghi Loc district) came to protest, hindering the construction.

At this time, a group of people used bricks, stones, bottles (containing gasoline), sticks to attack the task force, arrested a police officer. The incident left five police officers injured.

Attacked, 5 police officers injured - 3
On July 13, the construction unit of the WHA project was prevented by some people, attacking and injuring 5 police officers (Photo: CTV).

Authorities arrested 10 protesters and examined the scene and seized related evidence. The old road that cuts through the WHA has been removed, closing the entrance to the industrial park.

“The Police Investigating Agency of Nghi Loc District Police is collecting documents, evidence, investigating and clarifying the acts of “Disturbing public order”, “Resisting persons on duty”, “Arresting illegal persons” of the subjects to strictly handle in accordance with the law”, The statement clearly states.



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