VietNam – Hanoi bans taking pets and bringing speakers to Ho Guom walking street

From May 27, people to Hoan Kiem Lake walking street are not allowed to bring pets; do not use equipment and instruments such as speakers, radios, trumpets, drums to spread high-powered sound into the environment…

The above requirement is reflected in the Decision on the regulation on management of activities in the pedestrian street space in the Hoan Kiem Lake area, which has just been issued by the Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee. This move is taken by the city to improve the management and further promote the value of the destination Hanoi.

The Regulations clearly state that organizations and individuals participating in activities in the walking space shall observe a civilized lifestyle, code of conduct in public places, have a cultural attitude and dress politely; implement epidemic prevention and control measures in accordance with the direction of the Central Government and Hanoi city; do not stop or park vehicles in front of the entry and exit points of the pedestrian space; Do not propagate illegal content.

Participants in the walking space may not bring pets, livestock or poultry, except for cases permitted by the competent authority; no street vendors, shoe polish, or stalking tourists; not swimming, fishing, catching fish and other creatures in the lake bed; do not perform the act of stepping on, lying on the grass or chairs; cut flowers, climb trees, break branches, pick fruits, cut down, destroy trees…

In addition, people do not use equipment and tools such as speakers, radios, trumpets, drums to spread high-powered sound into the environment. Organizations and individuals, when bringing means, instruments, and audio equipment into the pedestrian space of Hoan Kiem Lake and its vicinity to organize activities, must present a document from a competent state agency for approval. permission to organize activities.

For business organizations and individuals, it is necessary to comply with regulations on commercial civilization such as: Communicate with customers politely and courteously; do not compete to entice or pressure customers; have a list of prices and sell them at the listed prices; Use signs properly.

In addition, organizations and individuals doing business during the operation of the pedestrian space must declare and register their business, and are only allowed to trade in goods in accordance with the planning according to the plan for organizing translation activities. services, trade and tourism approved by Hanoi city; business on time; do not display goods and items encroaching on sidewalks and roadways; ensure safety when using electricity, safety in fire prevention and fighting and rescue; food safety.

Organizations and individuals keeping vehicles must be licensed and not charge excessive parking fees on streets adjacent to streets within walking space…

This decision takes effect from May 27.┬áPreviously, in September 2020, the Hanoi People’s Committee conducted consultations with the people to finalize the Regulation on management of activities in the pedestrian space in Hoan Kiem Lake and its vicinity.



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