VietNam – Man killed in mountain suspected of bee sting

A man in Nam Dan district (Nghe An) died in the mountains, suspected of being stung by a bumblebee.

On July 29, information from the leader of the People’s Committee of Nam Hung commune (Nam Dan district, Nghe An), about 21h on July 28, the people of Thuong Tan Loc commune (Nam Dan district) suddenly discovered the body of a man in the hung son mountain area, next to which there was a motorbike and bee catching tools.

The information is then promptly reported to local authorities and functional forces.

The man’s identity was identified as D.D.B. (40 years old, residing in Nam Hung commune, Nam Dan district). According to locals, on the morning of July 28, after going to shave turpentine back, Mr. B. enlisted to ride a motorcycle to the mountains to catch bumblebees.

Before that, Mr. B. had also been bitten by a bumblebee, causing anaphylactic shock, but was given timely first aid, so he passed.

It is known that Mr. B. and his wife have 4 small children, the family situation is quite difficult.

What to do when a bee stings?

When stung by a bee, depending on the number of stings, it can cause anaphylactic shock, liver failure, kidney failure, blood clotting disorders.

When being stung by a bee, the victim must be very calm, need to find a place to avoid it immediately, do not swing his arms to drive away the bee’s radiation, attracting a greater number of bees.

After being stung by a bee, it is necessary to rinse the places where the sting is present with soap or antiseptic solution and use small nippers to drain out the bee’s stings.

A cold towel or ice pack can be applied to the swollen area for about 15-20 minutes to relieve pain and reduce swelling.

It is recommended to lay the victim still in one place, avoiding a lot of movement to limit the spread of venom to another place. The pricked part should be left in a position lower than the heart and quickly go to the nearest medical facility to be examined.



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