VietNam – Mc Thanh Mai’s beautiful, filial 19-year-old daughter

Mc Thanh Mai’s only daughter Alex inherited many beautiful features from her mother but decided to pursue her own ambitions without artistic activity.

Mc Thanh Mai's beautiful, filial 19-year-old daughter - 1
In the images shared by MC Thanh Mai, Alex – her daughter wowed many people with her beautiful beauty no less than the famous mother.
Mc Thanh Mai's beautiful, filial 19-year-old daughter - 2
At the age of 19, Alex has a gentle, cute beauty. However, according to MC Thanh Mai, her daughter is very personal and this is often reflected in Alex’s fashion style.
Mc Thanh Mai's beautiful, filial 19-year-old daughter - 3
Despite having an artistically active mother, Alex has no intention of participating in showbiz. She is avid reader and enjoys learning about marketing. Alex is studying marketing at a University in California, USA. Because of studying abroad early, MC Thanh Mai’s daughter very rarely appears in front of Vietnamese media.
Mc Thanh Mai's beautiful, filial 19-year-old daughter - 4
Thanh Mai từng học thạc sĩ ngành Truyền thông ở nước ngoài nên có thể chia sẻ nhiều kinh nghiệm sống cũng như việc học tập với Alex. Hai mẹ con cũng trở nên gắn bó hơn nhờ cùng quan tâm đến lĩnh vực truyền thông. Ngoài thời gian vui chơi, họ có thể cùng bàn luận và học hỏi kiến thức mới. 
Con gái 19 tuổi xinh đẹp, hiếu thảo của MC Thanh Mai - 5
”I have also studied Marketing, like my child’s field of study, so I have practical knowledge and experience that can be shared and exchanged when I need it… Sometimes, mother and daughter also talk to each other about problems in life. I am quite surprised to see that my child is growing up every day, has his own perspectives and perspectives and is very confident,” said MC Thanh Mai.
Mc Thanh Mai's beautiful, filial 19-year-old daughter - 6
In an occasion to respond to the media, MC Thanh Mai revealed the reason for her early arrival in the US to study abroad: ”I want my child to learn to live independently. Therefore, I let my children go to the U.S. to study even when they were young. I never wanted my daughter to follow the entertainment industry. I want my child to focus on their education, what they become or what art is the natural charm it comes from.”
Mc Thanh Mai's beautiful, filial 19-year-old daughter - 7
Sharing more about her daughter, MC Thanh Mai happily said that Alex is a pleasant, loving and filial person with her family. In adulthood, Alex has an independent personality but remains attached and close to his mother, considering her as a close friend. The mother and daughter of the MC often take love photos together.
Mc Thanh Mai's beautiful, filial 19-year-old daughter – 8
Because Alex studied abroad early, when she had free time, Thanh Mai went to the US to visit her daughter. Every reunion, the mother and daughter of the MC are together, visiting beautiful places, enjoying delicious food in the US.
Mc Thanh Mai's beautiful, filial 19-year-old daughter – 9

Having a successful career, building the image of a talented artist and entrepreneur in the field of beauty, but the MC’s romance is quite difficult. After the breakdown of her first marriage and having daughter Alex, Thanh Mai became more private in her private life, spending time doing art as well as community work.



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