VietNam – Showbiz – Kha Ngan wore a full first round

Kha Ngan designed two deep open wires, full ring one. This is the rare time the actress wears a revealing dress to show off her physique.

The new style helps Kha Ngan receive many compliments from friends.

Recently, the actress gained weight, so her body is more full of vitality. She is not afraid to experiment with bold fads.

Costumes highlighting the first round are actively applied by Kha Ngan. The chest cup, deep-cut or two-string designs are popular with the ’11 months and 5 days’.

The crocheted wool crop top with a deep V-neck design was bought by Kha Ngan in two colors to change.

During beach trips, beauties prefer to wear cool without lingerie, showing off slender arms and shoulders.

Dressed in a bikini pushing the first round, Kha Ngan is considered to be more and more ‘transformed’ in style compared to the previous discreet and safe style.

The actress is charming with sports lingerie fads, following the trend that is hot in the world.



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