VietNam – Showbiz – Minh Plastic’s daughter wears a half-sleeved shirt showing off her belly after giving birth

Three months after the birth of her second child, Joyce Pham wore a personality outfit that showed off her figure. The hot girl wore a long ‘half-cast iron’ crop top paired with a curvy leather skirt.

The dress with a wide waist helped Joyce Pham show off her flat stomach as if she had never shown any signs of childbirth.

Since becoming a mother, Joyce Pham has become more and more fond of bold style. The mother-of-two is not afraid to conquer radically showy outfits.

After giving birth for a few days, Joyce Pham immediately embarked on the ‘body level’. As a result, the beauty born in 1999 quickly returned to her figure, confidently wearing crop tops that showed off her waist.

In recent images, Minh’s daughter ‘Plastic’ actively wears a short shirt that proves her slim body.

The ‘rich kid’ also likes to wear tight-fitting bodycon dresses to accentuate her neat, S-line physique.

Thanks to the first round upgrade, Joyce Pham’s body is more glamorous to conquer sexy outfits.

When she was pregnant, the hot girl weighed only 47 kg, so it didn’t take her long to return to her previous weight of about 40 kg.



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