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Taking a flight to Ho Chi Minh City on 10/8, the reigning Miss World Karolina Bielawska wore a chalky pink tunic, beaded with a necklace to honor the slender figure of designer Ngo Nhat Huy.

“Ao Dai is my strength so I don’t have too many difficulties in the process. What makes me hesitate the most is how to create the right, beautiful design for the new Miss World. I updated her measurements through the organizers so I was also very afraid when the clothes would be tight, wide or have to be edited. But luckily the tunic fits and suits Karolina,” he said.

The designer says Karolina Bielawska has beautiful measurements but a large skeleton, horizontal shoulders. Therefore, he had to reduce the texture on the shoulder to avoid people paying attention to this drawback. ‘She has the beauty of a queen. I sewed two traditional, non-stylized tunics that matched her light, pristine image. Karolina is very fond of tunics. She said she was comfortable to wear, easy to move,” he said.

The reigning Miss International Sireethorn Leigharamwat (left) when she arrived in Vietnam on 13/6 also wore a stylized ao dai with cherry blossom motifs by Ngo Nhat Huy. The designer said he wanted to convey the beauty and gentleness of the people and country of Vietnam through each costume.

In a commemorative photo with runner-up Phuong Anh, Sireethorn Leigharamwat (right) wears a stylized tunic with pearl beads accents running along the silk fabric of Ngo Nhat Huy. “Designing for Sireethorn and international misses, I have always been loyal to traditional dresses. My absolute rule is to keep the Vietnamese shirt the same, only choose the material and neck style that suits the physique of the wearer. This is an opportunity to promote and reach international friends, so I often choose pure Vietnamese materials such as silk,” he said.

Miss Supranational 2013 Mutya Johanna Datul wore a pink silk tunic with pearl details and flowers around Ngo Nhat Huy’s waist during a business trip to Vietnam on 2/7. The designer revealed that Mutya, despite her heavy luggage, still wants to bring a Vietnamese ao dai when she returns home.

Thuy Tien wore a yellow tunic of Ngo Nhat Huy, in tune with the 12 billion VND crown at the Miss Grand International victory parade last November.

In 2017, Ngo Nhat Huy designed the ‘Wings of Peace’ collection for the top 10 in the Miss Grand International final held in Phu Quoc. The designs with the main image are pigeon wings, contributing to the transmission of the message of peace.

In 2009, Ngo Nhat Huy (left) sewed a red lace tunic for Miss World Lady Victoria Radochinskay.



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