VietNam – Showbiz – Ngoc Chau made her first vedette show on Nghe land

Ngoc Chau beamed as a vedette for designer Phuong Ho, during the ‘Hue’ themed Ao Dai Festival event, held at the walking street.

The beauty wears an innovative bib-necked tunic with folded arms, helping to enhance the wearer’s slender physique. Costumes developed based on the beauty of traditional motifs such as lotus, carp turned dragon …

Designer Phuong Ho uses meticulous attachment to create embossed images on the ao dai, blending classic and modern features.

Ngoc Chau’s performance was more impressive when she held the hand of the child model Thuy Tien walking on the runway.

Ngoc Chau said that when she first came to Vinh City, she was warmly welcomed. From the afternoon, miss Thuy Tien also offered incense at the temple of Emperor Quang Trung. “I always want to spread and celebrate the beauty of traditional ao dai of Vietnamese women,” Ngoc Chau said.

The ‘Hue’ Ao Dai show at The Walking Street of Vinh city has been prepared for many months with the participation of more than 100 professional and amateur children from Nghe.

In addition to the ‘National Costume’ collection made by Ngoc Chau as a vedette, designer Phuong Ho also introduced the ‘Miss Ba Saigon’ collection that recreates a series of trends of fashion in the 60s.

Designer Trang Le chooses the main colors of the flowers, creating a vibrant space on the stage. Designer Ta Ngoc Hoang Lan brings soft and feminine ao dai models.



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