VietNam – Showbiz – Uniform costumes of Pham Huong and his son

Especially fond of white, Pham Huong has many times applied this gamut to create a good style with his youngest son Apollo.

Celebrating the boy’s late birthday on 7/8, Pham Huong wore a puffy cream-colored dress with green heels, while Apollo wore a white shirt and navy blue pants.

White shirt with active jeans is the common recipe of mother and daughter when going to Disneyland.

Not only wearing the same youngest son, Pham Huong also regularly made a connection with him, maximus.

Often going to the golf course with his mother on weekends, Maximus poses as a hot boy when wearing many stylish sets.

The mother and daughter showed off their personalities with black shirts and dark caps.

On Maximus’ birthday in December 2020, he wore a dashing pink suit and harmonized with Pham Huong’s feminine outfit.

While wearing a white ‘tree’, the 31-year-old beauty uses patterned shorts as a highlight of her look.

With wool similar to Maximus’ shirt, Pham Huong complements the sensuality with a wide neck design.

In early spring this year, the parents and children stood out in a series of red dresses typical on New Year’s Day.



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