VietNam – Showbiz – Ye Linying’s parents traveled the world well


In the new age celebration, Ye Linying chose similar clothes for himself and his two children. The beauty born in 1989 is young with crop tops and shirts, baby girl Boorin mixes crochet sweaters and stylish pants, baby B.Boy mixes T-shirts, dashing shirts. The outfit took pink tones as the main theme, helping Ye Linying’s parents look good.


Mixing ton-sur-ton was Ye Linying’s habit whenever he took his two children out. She regularly lets Boorin and B.Boy travel in a mother-daughter style.


The singer takes care of the look by choosing for all three sets the link in color, style or mix-match.


Influenced by her mother’s style, Boorin was young but soon posed as a hot girl with feminine, trendy outfits. Meanwhile, B.Boy is often dressed up by his mother as strong and masculine.


Ye Linying chose a lace robe, matching the colors and white tones of the two children during a vacation in the sea.


Ye Linying’s parents were ‘beautiful’ when they mixed the denim ‘tree’. Baby Boorin was praised as pretty, stylish as a miniature copy of his mother.


The 33-year-old beauty was praised by many viewers as young as her two children’s sister when she wore a similar black T-shirt and blue sweatpants.


When going out on the street, Ye Linying’s parents prefer a dynamic and personality style.



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