VietNam – The whole scene of an “ambush” of theft like a movie

(People) – Discovered the strange young man intending to enter the house to steal property, people ambushed from many directions rushed out, holding sticks, brooms chasing the crooks.

Recently, the social network posted a clip of people “ambushing” to catch thieves as in the movie, attracting the attention of the online community.

Security camera footage shows a young man riding a white motorcycle approaching a resident’s house right next to the main road. Before entering the house to carry out bad intentions, the young man stepped down carefully to turn the car around to get ready to escape.

At this time, a young man rushed from the house to grab the subject’s motorcycle; A woman followed with a broomstick in her hand and hit the thief on the back. At the same time, many people from all sides ran to the same siege.

A large crowd of people near the area of the incident and also curious passers-by watched. After the clip was posted, the online community also expressed their displeasure at the thief’s actions.

According to information from the publisher, the incident occurred at about 14:22 on July 8, at Nhạc Son Street, Gu Lak ward, Lao Cai city. This area is often stolen property so people decided to ambush to catch the crooks.

The source of Pv Dan Tri at The Police of Gu Lak ward confirmed the information of the incident and said that the authorities are investigating, clarifying the arrest of this fraudster.

“After many thefts, the people ambushed the thief. Police are currently verifying the identity of the subject,” the source said.



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