2 tomatoes, add 3 kinds of side dishes to make a vegetarian stir-fry, delicious and appetizing, more satisfying than eating meat

2 tomatoes, add 3 kinds of side dishes to make a vegetarian stir-fry, delicious and appetizing, more satisfying than eating meat. Although it is spring now and the season for tomatoes is not yet available, the recent tomatoes are really cheap. The price of a catty fluctuates between 1.5 yuan and 2.5 yuan. I bought a few tomatoes a few days ago. People say they are fruit tomatoes, bright red, and they look quite attractive. I thought that they could be eaten raw or stir-fried. When many people talk about eating tomatoes, the first thing that comes to mind is scrambled eggs with tomatoes. This is a classic dish. They are really a perfect match. The balance between the tastes is just right. It looks like a vegetarian dish, but many people like it. eat. In fact, I also like to eat scrambled eggs with tomatoes, but it is delicious, sometimes I have to change the taste!

Eating meat is not very delicious during this period of time. I always like to eat relatively vegetarian food. Maybe it’s because I eat too much fish and fried food during Chinese New Year! The taste of tomatoes is sweet and sour, and the weather is warmer during this period, and the moisture in the tomatoes is more abundant, so it tastes appetizing and relieves greasy. In fact, apart from the perfect match with eggs, tomatoes are also delicious with other ingredients. Generally speaking, ingredients that are softer or easier to taste are fine. The sweet and sour tomato juice penetrates into other ingredients, and it is really delicious to serve with rice. For example, tomatoes and tofu are also very good. Today, I will use tomatoes, tofu and two other side dishes to make a vegetarian stir-fry. It tastes delicious and very appetizing.

Ingredients: 2 tomatoes, half a flower of broccoli, a handful of dried shiitake mushrooms, cleaned in advance, then soaked, and finally prepare half a catty of soft tofu, minced ginger and garlic, put half a tablespoon of starch in a bowl, add water and blend into water starch.

production steps

The first step is to wash 2 tomatoes, make a cross on each top, scald them with boiling water, then tear off the skin, cut them into small pieces, and put them in a bowl for later use.

The second step is to soak the broccoli in salt water for a while in advance, then clean it, turn on the fire and sit in a pot, add boiling water to the pot, add a little cooking oil and salt, pour in the broccoli, blanch for 40 to 50 seconds, and take it out Rinse with cold water, drain and set aside. Squeeze the dried shiitake mushrooms and set aside.

The third step is to cut the tender tofu into small pieces, heat the pan with cold oil, put in the cut tofu, fry until both sides are golden, put it out and set aside.

Step 4: Add one tablespoon of cooking oil to the pot. After the oil is hot, add ginger and garlic and stir-fry until fragrant. Add dried shiitake mushrooms and stir-fry over medium heat for about one minute.

Step 5: Pour in the chopped tomatoes, continue to stir-fry over medium heat, add a third tablespoon of salt, and stir-fry until the juice comes out.

Step 6: Pour in the fried tofu, stir well, lower the heat, cover the pot and simmer for two to three minutes.

The seventh step, add a pinch of white sugar, then pour in the blanched broccoli, adjust the fire to medium high, stir fry for half a minute, pour in the water starch to thicken the juice, stir for a dozen times, then turn off the heat , out of the pan and put on a plate, the fried tofu with tomatoes is finished, ready to eat.

Kind tips:

1. Remove the outer skin of the tomato, and it tastes better. Generally, you can easily tear off the outer skin by scalding it with boiling water. When frying tomato tofu, the seasoning can be adjusted according to your preference.

2. There are no dried shiitake mushrooms. It is also good to use fresh shiitake mushrooms. The fresh shiitake mushrooms will not absorb oil so much when they are blanched in water. When the broccoli is cleaned, put some salt or edible alkali, which is healthier.


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