After reading the three meals a day of Indians, I finally understand why Indian food is not popular in China

China’s food culture has infected countless foreigners, and it also attracts many foreign tourists and diners to experience the charm of our Greater China. In China, there are actually quite a few foreign delicacies that are popular. For example, there are many Western restaurants, Korean barbecue restaurants, or Japanese sushi restaurants in big cities. You can feel how rich the world’s cuisines are. However, for Chinese people, it is easy for us to accept Western food and kimchi, as well as sushi and rice balls, but it is difficult for us to accept Indian food.

So on the streets of China, there are basically no Indian restaurants, and there are very few related foods. Many people are also very curious. Every country has a different food culture. Why can the Chinese accept the food of so many countries, but not India? Next, I will take you to see the three meals a day of Indians. You can understand why Chinese people don’t like Indian food without explaining.

In India, breakfast is basically based on rice and flatbread, and curry is added for seasoning. Many Indians also go to the street to buy breakfast, such as “fried hollow balls”, which sound like desserts, but in fact it tastes hot and sour, with a less obvious sour taste. It is often difficult for Chinese people to eat food with strong flavors early in the morning. After all, we always prefer light porridge or some slightly sweet food.

In addition to the strong taste of breakfast, Indians also have a strong lunch. Whether they eat fried rice or stir-fried vegetables, they basically add a lot of spices, so the biggest feature of this kind of food is: heavy taste. India has an extremely rich variety of spices, and there are basically dozens of spices in lunch. They are used to grabbing with their hands when eating, which is also difficult for us Chinese to accept.

Like European and American countries, dinner in India is relatively grand, and it basically starts after nine o’clock. Indians eat some meat, such as curry chicken, roast chicken, etc. These meats are also marinated with a variety of spices, so they are also very strong. We Chinese are used to drinking porridge at night, or eating some rice and stir-fried vegetables, and we basically don’t choose to eat around nine or ten o’clock in the evening. It can be seen that Indian food is not suitable for Chinese people, and naturally it is difficult to be popular.

In addition, the production environment of Indian food gives people a feeling that it is not hygienic, and it is not acceptable for many people in other countries to eat it casually. Although not acceptable, we should also respect Indian food culture.



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