China: Super delicious Chengdu food, this is a tasteful article

There are many types of snacks in Chengdu. The common famous snacks in Chengdu are: Zhongshui Dumplings, Longchaoshou, Husband and Wife’s Lung Slices, Liao Pork Ribs, Dandan Noodles, Chazha Noodles, etc. Both traditional and modern. Chengdu people are meticulous, and they have detailed records of the recipe or production method of each snack. Chengdu is full of innovative spirit, which may be an important reason why Chengdu snacks are enduring.

1/hot pot

The most famous thing in Chengdu is hot pot~ When it comes to “hot pot”, everyone is a brother. For hot pot, even if you risk your life getting acne the next day, it’s so hot that you call your dad with tears in your face, and you have to be refreshed today Get excited~ The classic combination of sesame oil and mashed garlic neutralizes the spicy and unnecessary meat. It is so delicious that it flies like a rocket launch

2. Maocai

Hot pot is for a group of people, and maocai is for one person. When you are alone at night, without the company of two or three friends, you can also order a bowl of maocai with rich ingredients, such as winter melon, lotus root slices, enoki mushrooms, potatoes, and konjac. …With a cup of herbal tea, you can also live a leisurely life…

3. Bo Bo Chicken

I have mentioned the Bo Bo Chicken many times, although it is also sold online, but since I am in Chengdu, I must experience the delicious food made from fresh ingredients~ Fresh, fragrant, thin, smooth, spicy, crispy and tender , with meat and vegetables.

4. Fat intestine powder

The fatty sausage has been boiled for a long time, and the smooth vermicelli is soaked, cooked oily sea pepper, crispy soybeans, and salty and sweet mustard. The soup is rich, and those who can’t eat spicy food can also try it~

5. Dandan noodles

Dandan noodles are a traditional noodle snack in Chengdu. It is said that hawkers will sell them along the street carrying poles.



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